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Q: What four major countries turned to totalitarian dictatorships in the 1930s?
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In the 1920s and 1930s where were the strongest dictatorships?

Italy, Japan, Germany

Who was not a Fascist dictatorship in the 1930s?

The three major fascist dictatorships in Europe in the 1930s were Hitler's Nazi Germany, Mussolini's Fascist Italy, and Franco's Nationalist Spain. Other countries in Europe were not explicitly fascist, but many of them like Pilsudski's "Republic of Poland" were fascist dictatorships in all but name. Only France and Britain maintained completely anti-fascist (and non-communist) governments.

Which statement is true of the League of Nations?

It was unable to control the growth of dictatorships during the 1920s and 1930s.

Who were the most powerful totalitarian rulers in the 1930s?

Germany, Italy

Which statement about Europe during the 1930s is true?

A. Italy was transformed into a prosperous, stable democracy during this time. B. Great Britain and France became military dictatorships during this period. C. Some European countries turned to totalitarianism to solve their serious economic problems. D. Germany's government looked to the New Deal in the United States for inspiration.

What are three characteristics that dictatorships had in common in the 1930s? oppressed population, gun control, and effective use of mass media/propaganda

Which of the following describes a similarity between fascism and communism during the 1930s?

Both ideologies were used to support totalitarian regimes.

What type of governments were practiced in the 1930s?

As is the case today, there were many different types of government in existence in the 1930s. Examples include democracies, republics, democratic republics, constitutional monarchies, traditional monarchies, and dictatorships.

Why did the world shift towards totalitarian regimes during the 1920s and 1930s?

it was george bush and his black friend obama

Who was the Russian ruler in the 1930s who organized a totalitarian state?

When Soviet Leader Lenin died in 1924, it was Joseph Stalin who quickly ascended to power, ultimately leading the Soviet Union to a totalitarian state.

Life for the average Russian citizen was better or worse under the totalitarian soviet regime of 1930s than it had been under the czars?


Life for the average Russian citizen was better or worse under the totalitarian Soviet regime of the 1930s than it had been under the czars?