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Pathogens can infect human via
1 : Skin
2 : mouth
3 : nose
4 : eyes
5 : sex organs .

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Q: What four ways that pathogens can infect humans?
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Four ways pathogens can infect humans?

Four ways that pathogens can infect humans is by : -passing from one person to another with physical contact, like sexual contact or high-fiving ex: if you kiss someone, they possibly have an open cold sore, and cold sore viruses are able to get into your body -pathogens can also infect the human without direct contact as if a person sneezes, the pathogens spread out and get shot into the air inhaling oxygen can also cause humans to be infected, if someone currently has a sickness (cold or cough) other people will be able to catch the sickness that contains pathogens so basically... sexual contact, greetings with hands, inhaling oxygen containing sickness, or sickness getting shot into the air. HOPE THIS HELPED THANKS!

What are four ways in which microorganisms can damage the body?

pathogens antigens

What four ways in which microorganisms can damage the body?

pathogens antigens

In what ways can amoeba can infect you?

in bad ways

How can pathogens be transmitted to humans?

The typical ways are airborne, blood borne, vector borne, direct contact and indirect contact.

How can micoorganisms in food harm you?

Microorganisms in food may cause harm by carrying disease-producing bacteria called pathogens. Pathogens harm humans in many different ways. The most common way that pathogens harm animals is by using toxins.

Name four ways pathogens are spread by direct contact?

Direct contact includes touching, biting, kissing, and sexual contact.

What are four ways humans travel from place to place?

By plane, by train, by boat, and by car.

What are some of the ways you can protect yourself from pathogens?


How can Pathogens get into the body?

Inject them? i dno, loads of ways!

What are the four ways humans cause extinction?

Global warming One of them is by not keeping our health better

What two ways pathogens can cause food poisoning?


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