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What french words come from the word Vermont?


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No French word comes from the noun Vermont - but the name Vermont seems to come from the French vert+mont i.e. green mount.

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The French words vert, meaning green, and mont, meaning mountain, are combined to make the state name Vermont. And Vermont means green mountain.

in french vermont means green mountains

From the French word "vert" and "mont" meaning "These Green Mountains"

The name Vermont originates from two French words, vertand montagne. The first word means green and the second mountain. They were combined to form Vermont, hence the state's nickname: Green Mountains. (You may wish to check the spelling of the first word!)

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rentnetVermontTremor(and it's "government")

It came from English speakers using French words in conversation, and apologizing for it (due to listeners not knowing what the words meant). It is now used whenever someone swears, in an attempt to disguise the word as being French.

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