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Q: What fruits have annonaceous acetogenins?
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How do you say fruits and vegetables in french?

"Quels sont les fruits que vous aimez ? Quels fruits aimez-vous ?"

Are peaches citrus fruits?

no they are stone fruits... Citrus fruits have segments you can find them in lemons, grapefruit, lime and oranges, which ARE citrus fruits

Can fruits infect a cut?

if the fruits had pesticides and you rubbed the fruits in your wound

How do you compare what kinds of fruits are alike?

You could compare certain fruits depending on groups, like berries, citrus fruits, fruits with peels, fruits with lots of seeds.

What is fruits in French?

Fruits are 'des fruits' in French.

What are the fruits in french?

les fruits

What fruits are local fruits?


What is the meaning of pomology?

The science of fruits; a treatise on fruits; the cultivation of fruits and fruit trees.

Fruits that start with c?

Citrus fruits .

What are the fruits found in yelagiri?

jack fruits

Are tomatos fruits or vegs.?

Tomatoes are fruits

Collect noun for fruits?

A basket of fruits