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What fuel do planes use?


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It uses petrol


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Aviation fuel - a specialised petroleum based fuel is used in planes


The fuel that planes use is called Kerosene.

jet fueljet fueljet fueljet fueljet fuelThat's all folks

you can use a different type of fuel

To fuel our cars,trains, boats, and, 'planes

They use more fuel above the clouds, dum dum

Either aviation gasoline or Jet A.

they have larger engines, therfore it takes more fuel to provide the massive power that they need.

most commercial airplanes use aviation fuel however some smaller planes may use a more concentrated version of aviation fuel

Planes don't use carbon dioxide, they create it by burning fuel in the engines.

wow your dad is a truly amazing pilot if he can use diesel...most jet's and planes use kerosine as a fuel, at least im sure it's kerosine :)

planes can take -84C & planes fuel can take -48C

Birds can flap their wings while the wings of planes are rigid and unmovable. Also, planes run on fuel whereas birds use energy released during respiration.

it is used for the fuel of planes

It is called jet fuel or white petrol.

Yes. A special fuel is made for planes.

Nitro airplanes usually use a different kind of fuel than that of other planes. Some of these planes use castrol oil, regular oil, or diesel, it just depends on the plane.

cladding fuel is something that fuels the air plane s and thing that fly in the sky without cladding fuel people in the planes wouldn't be able to flt their planes

Electric RC planes are good for beginners because they are easier to fly and maintain. Gas powered RC planes use a nitro-methane based fuel and can be difficult to maintain and to operate.

Airlines are always late with their planes. Airplanes fly not by air, but by $$$ money. Pilots do not get paid enough to fly planes. Airplane fuel is to expensive.

How did Amelia Earhart use math on the planes

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is produced by planes because CO2 is a result of the fuel burning.

Their destinations were the West Coast so that the planes had a lot of fuel and the explosions would be bigger when they crashed.

architects use coordinate planes to graph where they want the rooms to be

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