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Q: What functional group do lipids share with carbohydrates?
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What elements involved in Carbohydrates?

The chemical elements of carbohydrates is oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. Carbohydrates are a group of organic compounds such as sugar, cellulose and starch, that occur in living tissues and foods.

What does proteins carbohydrates lipids and nucleic acids have in common?

They are all the major organic compounds. They also share the elements Carbon, Oxygen, and Hydrogen.

What are the four main parts of carbon based molecules in organisms?

Carbon has four electrons in its valence shell (outershell). Since this energy shell can hold eight electrons, each carbon atom can share electrons with up to four different atoms. Carbon can combine with other elements as well as with itself. This allows carbon to form many different compounds of varying size and shape. Proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates and lipids

What property do all lipids share?

There all hydrophobic,meaning water fearing.They are nonpolar, which means they do not dissolve in water.

Why are the compounds classified as lipids?

OK lipids do not suck as answered previously....The compounds called lipids are grouped together because they share one important trait: They have little or no affinity for water. The hydrophobic behavior of lipids is based on their molecular structure. Although they may have some polar bonds associated with oxygen, lipids consist mostly of hydrocarbons. Smaller than true (polymeric) macromolecules, lipids are a highly varied group in both form and function. Lipids include waxes and certain pigments, but we will focus on the most biologically important types of lipids: fats, phospholipids, and steroids.

What are two groups of lipid?

There are four main groups of lipids. They are fatty acids, glycerides, non glycerides, and complex lipids. The groups are determined based on storage of energy, structure of cell membranes, and signal of chemical biological activities.

The largest functional share of the national income consists of?

wages and salaries

What characteristic is in all lipids?

An important feature that all lipids have in common with one another is they are hydrophobic structures.

What is ethinic group?

Ethnic group- a group of people who share the same ancestors, culture, language, or religion.

A group of people who share a culture is known as a?

Ethnic group.

How do I share a youtube video to a group on facebook on Samsung Galaxy S4?

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Which group of elements share characteristics of metals and nonmetals-?

The group of elements that share characteristics of metals and non metals is metalloids.