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What gas did Hitler use in the concentration camps?

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Gases used in extermination camps
  • 1. Zyklon B (hydrocyanic acid) - used at Auschwitz II and Majdanek
  • 2. Carbon monoxide - used at the other extermination camps (Chelmno, Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec and others).
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How did Adolf Hitler use concentration camps?

Hitler used concentration camps to kill Jew's. who he blamed for the loss of ww1.

When did Hitler use concentration camps?


What tatics did Hitler use during the Final Solution?

sent them to concentration camps and death camps

What did they do with babies in the concentration camps?

They were of no use to the German Nazis for slave labor therefore they were put in the gas chambers as soon as they got to the camps.

Did Africans get sent to concentration camps in Nazi Germany?

I don't remember and really recordings of Hitler taking Africans from Africa and throwing them into concentration camps. If they were there they might of got thrown in because Hitler or Nazi's threw people into the camps if they were found to be impure. no he did not as Hitler and the Nazis use Africans as slaves and stayed in Africa ___ There were almost no Africans in the areas under Nazi control anyway.

How did Hitler came to the idea of concentration camps?

They were first labour camps, where people of minorities (homosexuals, gypsies, jews) were sent to work. However Hitler then started to use them for mass murder, to kill minorities, quickly in large numbers.

Where were the Jews taken before they were taken to concentration camps?

Before the Jewish people were sent into Concentration camps, they were sent to labor camps. After they did not want to use them in the labor camps any longer, then sent them to the Concentration Camps.

What did methods the nazis use to kill the occupants of their concentration camps?

Acidic chemical pits, fire, gas chambers

What did the concentration camps use to kill Jews?

Guns, Zyklon B for the gas chambers, ovens, basically anything.

What gas did the Germans use for killing people?

The Germans used Zyklon B for killing people in the concentration camps.

Did Oliver Cromwell use concentration camps?


What did all the concentration camps have in common?

All concentration camps were ruthless, they usually gave little mercy if any. The Germans would use gas chambers for quick killings and so they could kill many people at a time.

What did the Nazis use to take people away to Concentration Camps?

volkswagen ____________ They were usually taken to concentration camps and extermination camps by rail in enclosed cattle trucks.

Why did Hitler use Poland to house many of the concentration camps?

Just before the start of World War 2 Poland had a Jewish population of about 3.3 million.

Did nazis use electric chairs in concentration camps?


Do they use the old concentration camps as amusement parks?


How did The Nazis originally intend to use the concentration camps?

The concentration camps were originally for POW's and people opposing the nazi regime. but after Kristal Nacht they became known as death camps

Why were concentration camps called what they were?

The name in German is (Konzentrationslager) that means concentration camp, at first were intended to hold political prisoners and opponents of the Nazi empire but after the WW2 began Hitler use the first six concentration camps to hold and exterminate jews, homosexuals, gypsies but later he find out he could use those people for work so he created various types of concentration camps: Labour camps: concentration camps where interned inmates had to do hard physical labour under inhuman conditions and cruel treatment. Some of these camps were sub-camps of bigger camps, or "operational camps", established for a temporary need. Transit and collection camps: camps where inmates were collected and routed to main camps, or temporarily held. POW camps: concentration camps where prisoners of war were held after capture. These POW's endured torture and liquidation in a big scale. Hostage camps: camps where hostages were held and killed as reprisals. Extermination camps: These camps differed from the rest, since not all of them were also concentration-camps. Although none of the categories is independent, and each camp could be classified as a mixture of several of the above, and all camps had some of the elements of an extermination camp, still systematic extermination of new-arrivals occured in very specific camps. Of these, three were extermination camps, where all new-arrivals were simply killed -- The "Reinhardt Aktion" camps. Three others were concentration and extermination camps altogether. Others were at times classified as "minor extermination camps."

What were the Nazi Concentration Camps in 1936?

In 1936, the following Concentration Camps were in use by the Nazis:DachauBerlin-Columbia HausSachsenhausenMost camps were established several years later.

What methods did concentration camps use to help kill prisoners?

the prisoners, once sent to concentration camps, were split into two lines: one went to work to death, literally, and the other went to the gas chamber. after being gassed they were incinerated in a nearby oven.

Did the Russians use Nazi concentration camps after the war?

no, the didn't

How were People Executed In the Holocaust?

Millions of Jews and non-Germans were exterminated by use of gas chambers in most concentration camps and death military squads.

Describe the Nazi system of killing people in the concentration camps?

When trainloads of people were brought to the camps. They were evaluated for strength. IF they were not strong or of some use to the camp - they were sent into buildings for 'showers' At this time they would use gas to exterminate those that were 'not desirable'.

How many Jewish children escaped from the concentration camps in the Holocaust?

There isn't an exact number for Jewish children escaping the concentration camps. Children, the sick, and the elderly were the first to be sent into the gas chambers (killed) because they were of no use to the Nazis; they weren't capable of doing heavy work.

When did they use concentration camps in the Holocaust?

the entire thing, that's what the holocaust was about...