What gas puts out a flame?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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CO2(carbon Dioxide)

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Q: What gas puts out a flame?
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When a chemical change take place in evaporated milk?

carbon dioxide is the gas that puts out the flame of the match

How does a gas furnace pilot flame stay burning?

with gas? hence gas furnace? theres a gas pipe that puts the gas into 3-4 tube things tht keep lit by the gas bruhhh

How you check if bubbles of a gas are hydrogen or carbon dioxide?

Collect the gas bubbles and try to ignite the gas. If it burns with a pop, it's hydrogen. If it puts the flame out it's carbon dioxide.

A scientist puts two substances over a gas flame to see what color flames are produced Why might he be doing this?

He is identifying compounds.

Why do gas ovens have the flame at the bottom?

Heat from the flame rises. The stuff below the flame would not be heated. The flame draws combustion air from beneath, by convection. Anything below the flame gets cooled. It's why one puts the kindling paper and wood shavings below the fireplace logs.

What is the main of flame trap?

A device that prevents a gas flame from entering the supply pipe.A device that prevents a gas flame from entering the supply pipe.

What is the coolest flame on a Bunsen burner a spirit flame or a gas flame?

The external part of the flame is the coolest.

What kind of flame is the pilot light of a gas stove?

a complete flame or a blue flame

What type of flame will make gas explode?

The type of flame is just a normal flame

Increase the size of the flame by increasing the gas supply does the flame move about a lot or is it steady?

increase the size of the flame by turning the gas tap to increase the gas supply .does the luminous flame move about or is it steady?

What color is a gas flame that is starved of oxygen?

This is a red flame.

What does the flame in a gas cooker go out when you turn the gas off?

The flame goes out because you turned it off.