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natural gas

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Q: What gas that should be recycle or reusable?
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A word meaning to change a reusable material?


How is paper reusable?

Because we recycle it and then we make it out of something else.

Is there an another word for reusable?

Yes, recycle. Reduce might be one too.

What are facts about using reusable shopping bags verses plastic bags?

to recycle,use and keep.

What word means to change a reusable metal?

A word meaning to change a reusable metal would be recycle. This is a process where one material is changed into another to be used again.

Do enzymes recycle after a reaction occurs?

Yes. They are disassembled into amino acids that are themselves fully reusable.

What is the cost of reusable bottle?

if you mean to recycle them you have to read the label for example if it says Ny ,CT this means u can recycle them only in new york and Connecticut. When it has the number 5 u can recycle it for 5 cents.

What is a word meaning to change a reusable material?

Actually I wanted to know the answer to this myself but I figured it out and had the heart to tell people so... ... Recycle... ... That is the answer to know... ... A word meaning to change a reusable material.

What does recyclable mean in adjective?

recyclable means for example your going to recycle a plastic bottle!

How should one recycle an empty Calor gas bottle?

One of the most safe and reliable things someone could do in order to recycle the gas bottle is to call the company that the bottle has listed on it and to ask them to come pick up the containers.

What are 3 R's?

The 3 Rs are reduce,reuse,recycle Reduce-make smaller or less in amount degree or size Reuse-use more than once Recycle-convert waste into reusable material

Is zinc reusable?

Only if it has the little recycle sign on it.