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What gauge wire is required for 15 amp service?

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Can 12 gauge wire be used on 30 amp breaker?

12 gauge wire is required to be protected with a 20 amp max breaker. 10 gauge is required for a 30 amp breaker.

What gauge wire required to go 50 feet for a 100 amp service?

AWG # 4 copper.

What is the maximum breaker size for these gauges wire?

You listed no gauge wire. This is the required breakers.14 gauge - 15 amp12 gauge - 20 amp10 gauge - 30 amp8 gauge - 40 amp

What gauge wire for service entrance in Wisconsin?

Depends on the size of the service. 100 amp service will require 3 gauge, 150 amp service will require 1/0 gauge, and 200 amp service will require 3/0 gauge.

What size gauge wire is required on a 20 amp circuit?

12 gauge.

What gauge wire to use for 70 amp service going 200' underground?

3 gauge

What is the wire size required for 1800 watts for lamps?

14 gauge will handle it with a 15 amp breaker. If you use 12 gauge use a 20 amp breaker.

What gauge wire is required for a 60 amp breaker?

#6 wire is good for 65 Amps as long as it is type THHN.

What gauge ground wire should you use for grounding rod for 200 amp service?


What size conductors are needed for 150 amp service?

1/0 gauge intrance wire.

What wire size for 125 amp service?

Use AWG 1/0 gauge copper.

Need to know size of wire for underground service for 150 amp?

Service entrance wire size required is # 2. That assumes the wire is a short run to the service panel.

What gauge wire is required for a 90 amp breaker?

3 AWG in copper and 2 AWG in Aluminum.

What size gauge wire for 4000w amp?

on a 4000 watt amp the best gauge wire woul be between 2 and 0

What is amp rating for 6 gauge wire?

50 amp

What is the 16 gauge amp rating?

That is 10 amp wire.

What is the required wire size wire for 100 amp service?

3 AWG in copper and 2 AWG in aluminum.

What is the amp rating of NM wire?

The ampacity or amp rating of all wire is rated by the size of the wire. NM (non-metallic sheathing) wire is no different. In household wiring 14 gauge wire must go on a 15 amp breaker/ 12 gauge goes on a 20 A and 10 gauge goes on a 30 Amp.

What gauge of service wire should you run for 100 amp meter?

My memory says correct gauge for 100 amp service is 1 0 (that is, one ought) I could be wrong, check with your power company or building inspector.

What size copper wire between meter base and load center for 200 amp service?

Number 2 American Wire Gauge

145 feet run for 50 amp service what size wire?

here is a wire gauge calculator which will answer your questions

If I have 150ft of 10 gauge wire with 60 amp service how many amps and watts do I have available at the end of the line?

10 gauge wire will only run up to 30 amps

What gauge wire do you use for a 15 amp breaker?

14 American Wire Gauge (AWG).

What wire gage for 130' supply 100 amp service?

I would run 1/0 gauge.

What wire gauge in needed for 60 amp 3 phase service?

#6 AWG COPPER. Depending on distance