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A helmet for just riding around and a pair of boots , Motocross. Helmet , Goggles , jersey , pants , boots , roost protector or a neck brace (optional) , Gloves And that's about it

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Bike, helmet, then add body armor as you wish. Knee pads/shin guards, elbow pads, spine protector...

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Q: What gear do you need for DH MTB?
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How many brands of motorbikes are there?

Oh, plentyroad bikes, TT bikes, Tri bikestrack bikescyclocross bikesMountainbikes, MTB XC, MTB AM, MTB DH, MTB dirthybridscruisersBMX bikesand several other sub groups.

Is 30 pounds light for a bike?

Depends on the type of bike. For a road bike - no. For a hardtail MTB - no. For a full suspension DH MTB - kinda. For a townie/dutch bike with fenders, rack and all - yes.

What is KHS?

khs is a bike brand that sells bmx and top class mtb,DH bikes,and dirt jumpers

How are all-terrain bikes and race bikes different?

Don't really know what you mean by all-terrain. A race bike is basically any bike that's considered good enough to be used in competitions - regardless of what kind of bike it is, MTB XC, MTB AM, MTB DH or whatever.

Which if the best estimate for the weight of a bicycle?

Really depends on what kind of bike you're looking at. A nice road bike can be 16 lbs, while a DH MTB can be 40 lbs.

What is the weight of the Saracen mantra 1?

close to 40 lbs

Can you change the tires on a mtb to make it a road bike?

You can put sleeks on wich will make it more fit for the road, but your mtb will still be a mtb.

What exactly is meant an MTB street rider?

MTB is an abbreviation for mountain bike. A MTB street rider is one who rides their mountain bike on the street. Expert MTB street riders can do a variety of tricks on their bikes.

What is a mountain biking red course?

(DH) MTB courses/trails have adopted the same categorization as ski slopes, with green being the easiest, going to blue, red and then black being the = easyblue = easy-to-mediumred = medium-to-difficultblack = difficult

What is the difference between all mountain and cross country mountain bikes?

An AM bike is basically a cross between a XC and a DH MTB. Usually full suspension and long enough travel to take some fairly serious drops and jumps, but still light enough and with a gear ratio and a ride position that'll make it somewhat useful on the flat and during climbs. An AM bike is the best bike if you want to ride to the top, and do a decent descent. An XC bike will climb far better, but would suffer on the way down. The DH bike would be a pain to climb with, but be the best for the run down.

Why Is the dH of a aquarium so important?

The dH is the measurement of KH which should be above 4.5 dH. The KH can determine the stability of the PH in your tank. If it's too soft, you may need to add crushed coral to your filtration, too hard and you may need peat moss; this is all dependant on the type of fish you keep

Where can you buy fixie bikes?

Don't think you can, unless you pay someone to build you a 24" wheel round a fixie hub. Fixed gear bikes are almost only used for road/track cycling, while 24" is MTB DH/ Dirt territory, where a fixie would be really awkward. Easiest kludge is probably to find a bike with 24" disc brake wheels, then slap on a Tomicog. I'll post a link about them. Remember that you need to ditch the rear derailer, and that the frame has to have horizontal dropouts.