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Q: What generals was a graduate of the us military academy at west point and led union forces during the Battle of Shiloh?
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What general was a graduate of the US military academy at west point and led union forces during the battle of Shiloh?

General Ulysses S. Grant

Who were the two generals of the military companies of boys that met for battle in Tom Sawyer?

The two generals were Tom Sawyer and Joe Harper who led their respective military companies of boys into battle. Throughout the course of the battle, both sides showed courage and determination as they fought against each other.

After the Battle of Bull Run President Jefferson Davis revised his military strategy to rely primarily upon?

He relied primarily on his generals

Who were the leading generals involved in the battle of Britain?

Generals Goering and Dowding were involved in the Battle of Britain.

I am looking for information on a military boarding school in Battle Creek. I know that there was at one point one there,Please help me get information on it. Thank you?

You will want to try the Battle Creek Academy. They are located in Battle Creek MI. All the information you need will be listed directly through their website at This is a private military boarding school. Michigan Youth Challenge Academy is located at the Veterans Administration Hospital, Battle Creek, MI

When was Battle Ground Academy created?

Battle Ground Academy was created in 1889.

What two Union generals were killed at the US Civil War Battle of Chantilly?

The Battle of Chantilly was the battle that took the lives of two Union generals. Generals Issac Stephens and Philip Kearny were killed on September 1, 1862.

Who were the generals in the battle of the ironclads?

Ironclads are boats. Admirals usually command navies, not generals.

What is the motto of Battle Ground Academy?

The motto of Battle Ground Academy is 'Character, Scholarship, Excellence.'.

Did generals die in the Battle of Chancellorsville?


Who were the generals for in the battle of Shiloh?

General Beauregaurd

Who were the major generals in the battle of Philippines?