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Q: What genre is eastenders?
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What sub genre is eastenders?

Soap Opera

What is the website for eastenders?

The website for eastenders is

What is the proper name of eastenders?

Eastenders was originaly going to be called "E8 or E20" but then one of the directors came up with "Eastenders" so, to be honest, Eastenders is the proper name of Eastenders.

Where can you find all the eastenders games?

On the EastEnders website at

Who was Lizzie cundy in eastenders?

She was never in EastEnders.

Does tanye die on eastenders?

No she does not die on Eastenders.

What are the ratings and certificates for Eastenders 15 Years of EastEnders - 2000 V?

Eastenders 15 Years of EastEnders - 2000 V is rated/received certificates of: UK:PG

How old is ben from eastenders?

Ben from eastenders is 14.

Who was married to carol brannan in eastenders?

Eastenders person

Where is amira from eastenders dress from 12.04.2010?

Eastenders Vault!

Who was Aiden Turner in EastEnders?

He hasn't been in EastEnders.

What year was eastenders made in?

EastEnders was created in 1985.

Who were the creators of eastenders?

Why dont you look when eastenders finishes

Who killed Lucy in eastenders?

Who killed Lucy in Eastenders

What is the duration of EastEnders?

The duration of EastEnders is 1800.0 seconds.

Is Gary on eastenders leaving?

on the eastenders website ( The actor who played him talked about leaving the show, so i think he is

When is Spencer Moon returning to Eastenders?

EastEnders have confirmed that Spencer Moon is notreturning to EastEnders. (April 2010)

What is the eastenders website called?

The official EastEnders website is part of the BBC's website, can find the EastEnders pages at appears that it is just called 'EastEnders'(Or follow the Related Link below)

Who plays Bianca in eastenders?

Patsy Palmer plays Bianca Butcher in Eastenders Patsy Palmer plays Bianca Butcher in Eastenders

How long will the wedding in eastenders be?

the eastenders wedding epsoied is 1 hour but normall times eastenders are 30 min half a hour

Did Jonathan Kerrigan star in Eastenders?

No, he has never been in EastEnders.

Who Did Mark Flitton Play in Eastenders?

He has never been in EastEnders.

Who is the Director of eastenders?

EastEnders has a number of directors that do different scenes.

What is shirleys surname in eastenders?

Shirley's surname in the Eastenders is Carter.

Who did Naveen Andrews play in eastenders?

He hasn't been in EastEnders.