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The book Mockingjay, is a Science Fiction novel by American author Suzanne Collins.

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Q: What genre is the book Mockingjay from?
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What is the genre of the book Mockingjay?

A narrative

Is there going to be a book after mockingjay?

No mockingjay was the final book

Why is Mockingjay called Mockingjay?

I think because in the series, the mockingjay is known as a sign of rebellion towards the Capitol, and the last book, which is Mockingjay, at the ending, there is a stop to the Capitol ruling. I think the last book is called Mockingjay because it shows the importance of the symbol in the book.

The narrator in the mockingjay book is in 1st or 3rd person?

The Mockingjay book is narrated in 1st person format.

Will there be any more books after mockingjay?

No, Mockingjay was the last book of the trilogy.

Is the book Mockingjay a good book?


Is mocking jay ar book?

The Mockingjay is a book.

When was the book Mockingjay written?


Is the book Mockingjay realistic fiction?


Is the Book Mockingjay appropriate?


What book did prim die in?

*book The third and final- Mockingjay

What movie connects to the book mockingjay?

The movie that will connect with the material in Mockingjay will be the two-part movie called Mockingjay that will come out sometime in 2014.