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Q: What genre is the book Run Away Home?
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What genre is the book run away by wendelin van draanen?

Adventure, drama, fiction, and realistic fiction

What is genre of the book the empty mirror?

The empty mirror is a Fantasy. The Empty Mirror is a Fantasy because your shadow can't run away from you.

What genre is home run battle 3d?


What is the genre of the book Elephant Run?

i think it is historical fiction.

Que for treason?

it's a book about a little boy who has to run away from home because he is wanted for atempted murder.

How do you run away from home and not being seen?

Run away in the middle of the night.

What is the best time to run away from home without being seen or heard?

It is best to not run away from home at all.

Why did Bill and Tom Kaulitz run away from home?

They never ran away from home.

What will happen if you run away from home and live with your bf a 17 in Australia?

If you are 17, live in Australia, run away from home to live with your boyfriend, you can be forced to return home.

What do you do if you want to run away from home?

If you run away from home, it will be way too hard for you out there. You will have to do everything on your own. Do not do it. If you ever run away from home then you might not see your parents again your friends and family will be worried sick and you might not survive.

On average, how many troubled teens run away from home?

On average, every 1 in 3 troubled teens run away from home

How do you make your Moshi Monster run away from home?

You can not make your Moshi Monster run away from home. If you do not play with it or feed it, your monster will become unhappy and sick.