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I'm happy to help! Please provide the passage so I can accurately determine its genre.

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Q: What genre would this passage fit under?
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What genre and sub genre would Robin Hood fit into?

fairy tale

What genre is the American national anthem?

The phrase "star-spangled banner" refers to the American flag and is included in the lyrics of the song which is in the genre of national anthem.

What general category would war fit under?

It would fit under "War and Military History."

What musical genre does Santana fit in?


How are genre for songs decided?

They are listened to and then it is decided what genre they fit into based on their instrumentation and vocalisation (if any).

What genre does Selena Gomez fit into?


Does a dystopian story fit into the genre of adventure?


can this product fit under a standard hieight bed?

No this exercise bike would not be able to fit under a standard height bed.

Can you give me a list of animes involving Catgirls under the genre of harem Yuri or ecchiAlso if there is one with nudity that would be nice Not that I'm weird or anything?

There is not a whole lot to list regarding animies that involve catgirls under the genre of Harem, Yuri or Ecchi. The show Strick Witches does fit this match however there is no nudity. Strike Witches originally aired from September 2005 _ January 2006.

What genre does Botticelli's art fit into?

Italian Early Renaissance.

What is the genre of moon over manifest?

Moon Over Manifest is a historical fiction book, though you could also classify it as a mystery book. It would fit in either genre, and many people classify it as both.

What genre does the haka fit into?

The Haka fits into tribal and cultural dances.