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a lot of genres

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Neal Shusterman has written books in various genres, including young adult fiction, Science Fiction, and fantasy. He is known for writing thought-provoking stories that often explore profound themes and ethical dilemmas. Some of his popular works include the "Unwind" series and "Scythe."

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Q: What genres of books did Neal Shusterman write?
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What is the birth name of Neal Shusterman?

Neal Shusterman was born on November 12, 1962.

What does neal shusterman like to do for fun?

he likes to write

Did Neal Shusterman die?

No, Neal Shusterman did not die.

Did neal shusterman have any siblings?

Yes, Neal Shusterman has a brother, Jeffrey Shusterman, who is also a writer.

What is Neal Shusterman's birthday?

Neal Shusterman was born on November 12, 1962.

How old is Neal Shusterman?

Neal Shusterman is 48 years old (birthdate: November 12, 1962).

Where was Neal Shusterman born?

Neal Shusterman was born in Brooklyn, New York on November 12, 1962.

Who is Neal Shusterman married to currently?

Elaine (Jones) Shusterman

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