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Answerwhat effects a ecosystem is actually what humans are doing for example because of factories toxic water is let into the ocean and also garbage that gets dump into many of bodies of waters so if no healthy water animals start dying , then the whole food chain will fall with it including us
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Q: What geographical features affect the ecosystem of the pampas?
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What are the main physical features of Latin America?

Latin America or Central and South America has Four main geographical features: 1) Amazon forests and wetlands, 2) Andez mountains 3) Pampas (mainly grasslands) 4) Atacama desert

What are the geographical features of South America?

There are the Andes Mountains that run through Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina. Also the Amazon river that runs mostly through Brazil. The country of Argentina has vast plains called the Pampas.

What physical features are in South America?

pampas grasslands,amazon river,amazon forest and andes mountain range....................

Is pampas a desert?

No, pampas are grasslands.

What are the plants of the pampas?

One of them is the Pampas grass

What landforms are around the Pampas?

What are landforms of the pampas

What does pampas mean in Spanish?

Pampas are Plains.

What are major geographic features of Brazil?

The North region was covered by rainforest except the Tocantins which is grasslands. The Northeast is a mix of desert and rainforests. The Central region is mostly pampas. The Southeast has mostly semi-deciduous forests but parts have pampas.

Is pampas a name of a desert?

No, pampas are South American grasslands, not deserts.No, pampas are South American grasslands, not deserts.

What is the main occupation of the pampas?

Ranching is the main occupation of the pampas. In Argentina many cattle graze on the pampas,

What are the pampas in Argentina?

The Pampas are plateaus, and they are located in Argentina.

When was Pampas cat created?

Pampas cat was created in 1816.

When was Pampas deer created?

Pampas deer was created in 1758.

Are pampas foxes a omnivores?

Yes, pampas foxes are omnivores

What are pampas?

The Pampas are a large grassland biome in South AmericaPampas is treeless grassland of Argentina and Uruguay, but mostly in Argentina.

The grassland zone of Argentina is known as?

Pampas. The humid pampas are along the seaboard. The dry pampas are along the south and west.

Argentina's pampas region is famous for its...?

Argentina's pampas are famous for it's....... agriculture business! The plains in the pampas are perfect for farming!

On which country is the Pampas and the Lianos located at?

The lianos are not the issue, the pampas are the issue

What continent do you find the pampas and llanos?

The pampas and llanos are found in South America.

What country would you find cattle grazing on the pampas?

Brazil is where the pampas is/are located.

How is the patagonia different from the pampas?

The patagonia is dry and oil and bauxite rich The pampas - flat, fertile plains There are many kinds of animal and plant life in the Pampas

What is pampas in Argentina?

Helle, the Pampas is a region is Argentina that has a lot of vegetation and has mild climate.

What is the importance of the pampas?

i have no idea plz (please) help.The Pampas is important because of its agriculture and ranching.

What bird is flightless lives on the pampas of Argentina?

The flightless bird that lives on the pampas is the rhea (ñandú).

How the gran chaco and pampas are alike?

both pampas and the gran chaco have animals near their country