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the stream load rock,soil,etc.the stream load rock,soil,etc.

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What is the process that happens when small pieces of sediment are carried away?


What mean erosion?

Erosion is when soil or sediment is carried away by rain, wind, water, or ice.

What is the same between weathering and erosion?

Weathering is the process of a rock being broken down into sediment and erosion is the process of the sediment being carried away. Desposition is the process of the sediment being set down.

What is it called when mountains are worn down and sediments are carried away?

When mountains are worn away by weathering and the sediment is carried away, it is called erosion. This occurs over time. Rapid erosion is possible and is known to cause landslides.

How does waves cause erosion?

Waves are energy carried by the water, and this energy pounds away at rocks on the shore, eventually wearing them down. Sediment is carried back into the water by the receding waves. As the waves come to shore again, the sediment acts like sandpaper, slowly wearing away at the shoreline.

What is the total quantity of sediment carried by a river called?

sediment load

Sentence of sediment?

The sediment carried by the river is filling up the delta.

What is the name of the process that breaks down rock to form sediments?

There are two terms to be used:Weathering - the wearing away of rocks in situErosion - the wearing away and taking away of rocksBoth are responsible for the production of sediment, but mostly erosion as the sediment is then carried by the body which removed is as sediment, rather than lying as scree, which is not quite the same.

What happens to sediment over time?

it erodes and gets carried away then it gets deposited and then it goes back through the rock cycle

What happen if too much sediment is carried away by ocean water?

Can you be more specific? Sounds like Beach Erosion which is already your answer.

What can sediment can be carried by?

Water, wind, or ice.

How is igneous rock changed into sedimentary rock?

Erosion from the water or wind wears away the rock and is carried into another area. In that area the sediment builds up and if there is enough sediment and pressure, it forms into a sedimentary rock.

What type of material is carried by mature rivers?


How are dissolved particles of sediment carried in a river?

They are in solution.

What is littoral drift?

Is the sediment carried by the waves and the currents

Why does the wind carried sediment fall to the ground?


What is the piling up of sediment carried by erosion?

The answer is "Deposition"

What is carried by streams and deposited on the bottom of lake?


When does wind carried sediment fall to the ground?

Wind-carried sediment falls to the ground when wind slows down or some obstacle, such as a boulder or clump of grass, traps the windblown sand and other sediment. When it comes into contact with any obstacle.

The eroded materials carried by water or wind are called?


What does sediment form when it falls to the seabed after being carried?


What is the material carried by rivers to the ocean is called?

Silt and Sediment.

What is it called when sediment cannot be carried anymore?

By a river? Deposition.

What is the dirt rocks and sand carried by a river called?

Sediment is dirt, rocks, and sand carried by a river.

How does weathering and erosion help form sedimentary rock?

When something is weathered down by weathering and erosion, material called sediment is left behind as the large amounts are carried away. The sediment shapes together and forms rocks called sedimentary rocks.