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Isn't cold water already cold? I would say cold water gets cold first. I've heard that hot water freezes faster than cold water.

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It depend how hot or cold the water is, the one closest to room temperature gets there first.

Cold water is heavier. The colder it is the denser is gets.

Hot water gets frozen faster than cold water dose. I just did the experiment and found that after awhile cold water freezes faster than hot water.

warm it up every time it gets cold

Cold water will freeze first. Before hot water can freeze, it must dissipate its stored heat. Its stored heat is what makes it hot. Cold water does not have to do this before freezing.

Hot water pipe rust first as compared to the cold water pipe for the same chemical composition of the water.

it gets its water from the rain Evan though it could be hot or cold.

if you put water in a thermometer and it gets hot the water expands and might and burst and when it gets to cold it freezes

It gets really hot in the summers there and i have no idea about how cold it gets

When you flush your toilet, cold water is used, this diverts cold water from the sinks and showers, resulting in diminished cold water flow momentarily at the sinks and showers, so, less cold mixed with hot, = hotter sinks and showers.

Because hot water is still in the pipes from when you turned on the hot water, and when you turned on the cold faucet it had to let out the hot water first. This means you have a single-pipe sink. Double-pipe sinks have a pipe for hot and a pipe for cold and it blends them as it turns on.

Water can be hot or cold if you want

On single handle shower valves, designed to let cold water first and turn handle farther to mix hot water to desired setting. If hot water turned on first, possibility of getting scalded. If seperate hot/cold handles for shower, shower valve needs work.

Because after you've been in the shower for a while all the hot water gets used up so it goes cold.

They all evaporate, but the hot water will evaporate the fastest.

Hotter water drop in temperature faster than cold water but the cold water will freeze first. The salty water comes last.

It would be cold water because if the freezing point for water is 0 degrees. and say the cold water is 10 degrees and the hot water 90 degrees, the cold water is closer to the freezing point than the hot water and so freezes quicker

it stays hot but gets cold at night

No, but if the water gets too cold you might suggest heating it up, but not too hot because most goldfish don't liike hot water.

No hot water freezes, it has to cool off first.

It is because cold water is more dense than hot water, thus hot water floats on cold water

hot water as the particles are far from each other and sugar gets more place to dissolve

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