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Hannah, which in Hebrew is pronounced Khana (×—× ×”). The kh is a gutteral sound, like the ch in German.

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Q: What girls name in hebrew means grace and favor?
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What does the name Hannah means?

The name Hannah means "favor" or we can also say it means "grace."

Where does the name Anna come from?

Anna is Hebrew-derived and means: grace, favor

What does the name anushka mean?

Anushka is a Sanskrit name that means "grace" or "favor." It is often used as a name for girls in India and other South Asian countries.

What does the name Ann mean?

It's Hebrew and means "gracious."It means a Gift of God's Favor.It means "full of grace".

What country does the name Hannah come from?

The name Hannah is Hebrew in origin and means grace or favor. Hannah most commonly comes from England and Germany.

What does the name Anna mean Russian?

The name Anna in Russian means "grace" or "favor." It is a popular name in Russia and is of Hebrew origin.

What is the definition of the name Ana?

The name Ana is of Spanish, Portuguese, and Croatian origin, and is a short form of the name Anaïs. It means "grace" or "favor" in Hebrew, and is a variant of the name Anna.

What is the meaning of the name Aileen Anne?

Aileen is a variant of the name Eileen which is most likely derived from the name Aveline. It means "pleasant". Anne is a Hebrew name and means "grace" or "favor".

What is the meaning of the name Nina?

It depends what language you are looking at. Nina means little girl in Spain Nina means strong in Native American Nina means grace in Hebrew Nina means favor in English

What name is Hebrew means favor?

Hannah (×—× ×”)

What does nsovo mean?

It means grace. One who has unmerited favor.

What does St Anne's name mean?

It means grace in Hebrew.