What gives bones flexability?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Collagen lattices.

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Q: What gives bones flexability?
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What substance in bones gives them a small amount of flexability?

Because they contain collagen, which gives some flexibility

What gives skin flexability and strength?

Collagen fibers give the skin flexibility.

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What gives bones flexiblity?


How many bones in the rib?

12 bones on the left and 12 on the right that gives a total of 24 bones.

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What is a Flexibility?

Flexability is the range of movement possible at a joint; therefore a movement to test your flexability would be touching your toes while keeping your legs straight, doing the splits etc.

Bones protect your?

The bones generally gives the human body its frame and protects the internal tissues.

How do ultraviolet rays helps bones and teeth?

it gives you rays that help your bones and teeth grow

How do ultraviolet rays help your bones and teeth?

it gives you rays that help your bones and teeth grow