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a Golf ball goes the farthest

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A golf ball with more dimples goes the furthest because the more dimples the straighteir the accurcy and line up is.

size 4 soccer ball goes the farthest.

yards the ball goes. Size of golf ball . And the thingy it sits on . basics.

A golf ball will fly further than a ping pong ball. The low mass/weight of a ping pong ball makes it more susceptible to air friction. This greater drag on the ball slow it down sooner than the golf ball.

A warmer golf ball goes further, you cannot warm it up though because that is not allowed under the rules of golf.

a golf ball, which can be hit over a distance of more than 300 meters.

It depends what you mean. If you mean in the sport it is the drive. But if you mean what is the farthest a man has hit a golf ball then there are long drive competitions and depending on win they can hit a golf ball over 500 yards. But they use drivers that are illegal in the PGA because they have trampoline heads and are all around bigger drivers.

the most probable answer would be a soccer ball because it is a ball used in a sport where you kick it

The bowling ball. It has both more mass, inertia, and the least amount of wind resistence.

Depends upon how much force is given when hit, kicked or thrown. The table tennis ball however has no mass to it at all, so it would travel the least distance no matter how much force was given at point of launch. A Golf ball can travel some 350 yards with the right angle and pro golfer.

to play golfPeople uses a golf ball by ....the function of a golf ball is so people can ENJOY golf & can play golf !!:) This is the function of the golf ball more details you could say in order to play golf you need a golf ball, so golf ball is an important item in GOLF !!:)

well if it was a really hot day the golf ball would get hot and sticky and if was a really cold day the wind would be making it cold so it affects how far the golf ball goes

the one that goes farthest :)?

A shank is a shot in golf, which you do not want to hit. It is a shot in which the ball is struck in between the hossel and the heel of the golf club, it causes the ball to go to the right (if a right handed golfer), but it goes at about a 45 degree angle and goes a relatively short distance.

A simple tip for that is move the ball further ball in your stance. If its when you hit your golf ball off a tee, another simple tip is just lower your tee farther into the ground.

There is no real term for this, that I am aware of. Most people would say, the player who is fathest away has the honour.

It would depend on what you bounce them on and what material the bouncy ball is made of. Most surfaces and materials would mean the bouncy ball goes higher, but a few could result in the golf ball being better.

It is a golf ball that has the logo of a resort/golf course printed on the ball.

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