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This is called the continental congress

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Government through elected representatives?

government through elected representatives

How do citizens influence the government in a democracy?

Through their elected representatives they take part in law-making.

What did the Articles of Confederation establish in 1781?

The Articles established the United States as a republic, a government in which citizens rule through elected representatives.

Is England a non democratic country?

Yes, it has a system of government by which political sovereignty is retained by the people and either exercised directly by citizens or through their elected representatives

What is the definition of democrary?

A Government by the people, exercised directly or through elected representatives

Who changes laws?

the elected Representatives of the people who are in power change the laws through government.

What is ment by representatives government?

In a country were the citizens can elect representatives into the legislative branch of government, i.e. the parliament, there is a representative government. People take part in the making of laws through their representatives ( - indirect democracy).

What kind of government did Athens build?

direct democracy: a government in which citizens rule directly instead of through representatives.

Why are the police needed?

To enforce societal norms as expressed in laws written and passed by the citizens of the country through their elected representatives.

How does direct democracy work?

Direct democracy, in general, works by the body of citizens (all eligible citizens) making decisions via voting and not through elected representatives.

What role do common people of India play in their government?

they vote for their leaders through their elected representatives. got it.

What are three examples of democracy?

They include: The United states of America, Sweden and India. Democracy is a type of government in which all eligible citizens are meant to participate equally either directly or, through elected representatives.

What is local democracy?

Democracy is a form of government in which people have a voice in the exercise of power , typically through elected representatives

Republicanism is a form of government in which power?

Government through the will of the people can be manifested between two systems. In a direct and pure democratic systems the citizens legislate and vote on all affairs. In a republican system the citizens elect representatives to express their will. Thus, Republicanism power is manifested through representatives of the people.

A government in which citizens rule through their elected representatives is called what?

Republic Yeh, it's republic. Definitely. Because it fits in my crossword puzzle, I have found all the answers on answers.com! Gotta <3 it!

What is a participatory democracy?

Individual participation by citizens in political decisions and policies that affect their lives, especially directly rather than through elected representatives.

Any system of government in which rule is by the people is called?

A democracy is a system of government in which all eligible citizens are meant to participate equally â?? either directly or, through elected representatives. The term democracy originates from the Greek word demokratia which means rule of the people.

Name one branch of the government elected directly by the people?

The only branch directly elected by the people is the house of Representatives. Judges are appointed and the president is elected through electoral college

Who chooses the governor general of Canada?

We do, through our elected representatives.

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