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You take the MCAS in 3rd grade to 10th grade.

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Q: What grade do you take the mcas test in?
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What MCAS do you take in seventh grade?

English, math and maybe science

Do homeschool kids still have to pass the MCAS?

No you homeschooled child is not required to take the MCAS test. This test is only a require of students who are in public school.

Will there be open responses on 5th grade science MCAS in 2011?

Yes. There is always open responses on MCAS, always.

What happens if you fail MCAS?

it depends on wht grade you are in when you get to high school if you don not pass MCAS you can not graduate into collage but any grade lower than that its just for teachers to know where they have to teach you more about

What does mcas stand for?

Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System, otherwise known as Massachusetts Child Abuse System by the kids that have to take the test.

What is cahsee test?

A test that is for sophomores in the spring to earn a high school diploma. If you haven't pass the test in grade 10, they have more chances to take the test. In grade 10, they take it once. In grade 11, they take it twice. In grade 12, they can take it three times.

Where can someone find MCAS test questions online?

MCAS, or Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System, test questions can be found online at the website of Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The results of the test can be found at the same site.

How do you pass the second grade test the second graders take in china?

You pass the second grade test the second graders take in China by learning all the material on the fourth grade test in The United States.

What is the youngest grade you can be in to take the SAT test?

I took mine in 7th grade

What grade level can students take the aspire test?

9th and 10th grade

What grade can you take a gt test?

Well for me I'm taking it in 6 grade. (I'm in 6 grade)

What grade do you take the EXPLORE test in?

Thee educational assessment test EXPLORE is usually given to students in the 8th grade.

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