What grade is a sophomore?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Q: What grade is a sophomore?
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What grade will you be in if your a sophomore?

9th- fresh men 10th- sophmore 11th- junior 12th- senor so if your a sophomore you will be going to 11th grade.

What grade is a junior a sophomore a freshman and a senior in?

A freshman is 9th grade A sophomore is 10th grade A junior is 11th grade A senior is 12th grade or graduation year

Are you a sophomore in 9 th garde?

No. Sophomore's are in 10th grade. Freshmen are in 9th.

What year would you be in if you were in tenth grade?

your a sophomore

What grade is Samantha in Sixteen Candles?


What is the order of high school years?

The order of years in high school: Freshman (Grade 9) Sophomore (Grade 10) Junior (Grade 11) Senior (Grade 12)

What grade is annasophia robb in?

10th Grade right now. sophomore in high school

What grade are yyou in when your 20?

Hopefully a sophomore or junior in college (or 14th and 15th grade).

What is Another way to say sophomore year?

10th grade

What level of education is grade ten?

High school sophomore.

What grade did christofer drew drop out of school?

Sophomore.. he was 16

What grade is diggy in now?

Diggy Simmons is a sophomore now.