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It's a god - Apollo.

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2010-12-07 14:58:56
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Q: What greek goddess is the goddess of healing?
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The mythological Greek goddess of cures and healing?


Who was the Greek goddess of medecinal herbs?

There is no Greek goddess of medicinal herbs but there is a Greek god of healing and medicine Greek god of medicine is Apollo.

Who was the greek goddess of health?

Although there were a dozen gods or goddesses for "healing", the goddess who personifed health was Hygeia.

Is there a Greek god of health?

There is a god of medicine and healing--Asclepius. There is a goddess of health and cleanliness--Hygeia.

What was Artemis the Greek goddess' character?

Her nature is duel; as most Greek gods and goddesses are in some way. For example: Goddess of Wilderness and Beasts Goddess of the Hunt Goddess of Healing (in women) Goddess of Sickness (in women) She could favor someone who honored her, and another by random insult might know her wrath.

What does Artemis represent in Greek mthyology?

Artemis is the goddess of hunting and the wilderness. She is the twins with Apollo, the god of prophecy, music, healing....

Who is the roman god or goddess of light truth and healing?

Phoebus seems to be the cloesest answer. He was linked to the Greek god Apollo, god of light.

What the the function of the panaceas?

Panacea is a medicine that cures all illnesses and prolongs life without end. It is named after the Greek goddess of healing.

What was greek goddess chlris's symble?

There is no such Greek Goddess.

Who was the goddess of the moonof greek?

who is the goddess of themoon of greek

What is the Greek Goddess of Corn is?

The Greek goddess of corn is Demeter, the harvest goddess.

What is a story about the Greek goddess nemesis?

She is the greek goddess of revenge and she is a minor goddess.

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