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Q: What group of people did not attend convention?
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Framers are the group of delegates who attend the Philadelphia convention True Or False?


What is the name of those people who attend a national convention to chose a presidential candidate?

99 will attend

What people did not attend the constitutional convention?

Thomas jefferson

Which groups of people did not attend the convention?

Women did not attend the Constitutional Convention, nor did whites who did not own property. Free African-Americans were also not in attendance.

What does the selection of delegates from the national convention produce?

These are the people who will attend the convention for their states and will vote as a block for the candidate to run for president.

Which groups of people did not attend the Constitutional Convention?

thomos jefferson And john adams

How many people attend the 2016 democratic national convention?

around 70,000 at this one

What was the name of the group of people who supported the constitutional convention?


What Virginia representative refused to attend the constitutional convention?

Patrick Henry refused to attend. He said he 'smelt a rat' at the Convention.

How many delegates were supposed to attend the Constitutional Convention?

There were 55 delegates that were suppose to attend the Constitutional Convention. This convention was held in 1787 in Philadelphia.

How many people attend the republican national convention?

How many people attended the republican national convention this year? Over 50,000 attended the RNC convention events around the city while over 20,000 were seated in the auditorium for the RNC Convention.

What group of people opposed a strong central government and chose not to attend the constitutional convention?

The First Continental Congress was formed of the original colonies but Georgia did not attend. During the Second Continental Congress Georgia did send one representative by the name of Lyman Hall.