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king george the 2nd

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The French settled Delaware.

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Q: What group of people first settled in Delaware?
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Who first settled in the Hudson river valley?

The Dutch first settled in the area in the 1600s. Native Americans were the Delaware, Mahican and Wappinger tribes--part of the Algonquin language group.

Which European group settled near the Delaware River in 1614?

The Puritans

Who were the main people or group that first settled the colony of Delaware?

the first settlers in delaware were the Dutch but then sweden took over but the dutch wanted back and so they did.

When was Salem settled?

It was first settled in 1626. It was a group of fishermen who first settled the area, and it remained a small group of fishermen for the first two years of the settlement.

Which ethnic group first settled in Australia?

The Australian Aboriginal people were the first ethnic group to settle in Australia. DNA testing has shown they are closest in ethnicity to the people of the Indian sub-continent.

Which group of people first settled into Mesopotamia?

the sumerians were the first group of people to inhabit mesopotamia. they originally lived in the mountains but moved to the plain of shinar near the Persian gulf to take advantage of the fertile soil.

Who was the leader of settled Boston?

John Winthrop was the leader of the people who were settling in Boston. The group of people who settled in Boston were called the Puritans.

What is a group of people settled in a distant land and ruled by the government of their native land?

A colony is a group of people settled in a distant land and ruled by the government of th

What religious group was the first settled in colonial Massachusetts?

the quakers

What cultural group first settled in Quebec 1603?


What was the name of the first group that settled in India?

emolly knight

Did a group of dutch people find Delaware?

no,william penn did but he was a dutch