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What gsce do you need to be a carpenter?


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in todays day and age you don't need many gcse's to become a carpenter/joiner.if you check your nearest college they will no doubt have carpentry/joinery courses on.some college's have a start date in september(so you'll be too late for that one).and other courses have a start date in january/february.if you take this couurse on then you will have a better chance of becoming a carpenter because there are some companies that are signed up to the college and will ask the college every so often is there any good reliable students.if you are 1 then they'll contact you.but if you don't want to go about it like that.then find a company that says they might take you on but come back at a later date to check then phone that company up every week and they will no doubt give in.and eventually you'll be doing an apprenticeship.

good luck i hope i have helped.