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He can't use something heavy because its well known that he LOVES super slinkies and using a heavy pick on light strings makes the guitar sound smooth, and jimmy likes it dirty. Also when you solo like jimmy does you need something that will just sweep the strings. He plays fast, but isn't accurate enough to need a heavy or small pick. My best guess is probably a mid strength pick, probably dunlop or fender. Something above a .88 but less than 1.14

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โˆ™ 2012-08-12 00:44:23
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Q: What guitar picks does jimmy page use?
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What guitar pick does jimmy page use?

Jimmy Page said in a 1977 interview with Steven Rosen that he used Herco Flex 75 Picks.

What guitar did jimmy page use?

A Gibson Les Paul.

Which guitar did jimmy page use on kashmir?

danelectro dc 59

Do you use a pick to play a classical guitar?

Yes, you do use finger picks to play classical guitar. You use finger picks and thumb picks.

Who was the first musician to use a bow on the guitar?

Jimmy Page - Led Zeppelin

Can you use the same pick for and electric guitar and acoustic guitar?

Yes you can. You can also use your fingers. I prefer to use thin picks, but youcan use thicker guitar picks. It's up to you mainly.

What kind of guitar picks does jimmy page use?

He uses one of a kind picks made from st. peter's bone, Hand crafted by nepalese villagers in a sacred ceremony. Don't be silly, I'm not sure,but I've been told he uses God's fingernails.Shaped by falling from the Heavens to earth.Like a raindrop.

What guitar amp did jimmy page use?

He used * Orange heads * Marshall heads * Marshall cabs * ENGL cabs

What kind of guitar strings does jimmy page use?

Ernie Ball 2223 Nickel Super Slinky (.009-.042).

What guitar pick does John Mayer use?

Dunlop Tortex Picks

What do guitarists use to play the guitar?

a pick, picks also used on Bass Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, etc.

What famous guitar players use Gibson les Paul guitars?

Jimmy Page, Slash, Angus Young, Zakk Wylde to name just four

What kind of guitar picks did Jimi Hendrix use soft or hard?


Which guitar picks does Green Day use?

Mike Dirnt: Custom "Dirnt" Dunlop Tortex Picks .76 mm and .88 mm

What instuments did led zeppelin use?

Jimmy Page- Guitar John Paul Jones- BassJohn Bonham- drumsRobert Plant- vocals

Can you use banjo picks on a guitar to make it sound more like a banjo?

yes you can

What pick-ups does Jimmy Page use?

Among others, Jimmy Page uses Burstbucker and Pagebucker pick-ups.

What kind of guitar picks does Synyster Gates use?

He uses : Black Dunlop Gator Grip 2.0mm picks. & Dunlop Tortex 1.14mm picks.

What are guitar picks?

Thin shaped plastic, metal, acrylic or any suitable solid material pieces that people use to play guitar to save their fingers from constant friction and to get better sound off the string.What guitar picks are.Guitar picks are triangular shaped plastic peices that people use to play giutar with. They hold it with their fingers and use it so they don't scrape fingers with guitar strings. AnswerA guitar pick is a small thin device (of metal or plastic or ivory) used to pluck a stringed instrument

Is a Fender Telecaster a solo-ie guitar I'm just wondering?

Not really, but then again Jimmy Page used one for Stairway to Heaven, but majority of people dont use it so much for solo's.

What kind of guitar pick does Matt tuck use?

He uses Red .50 Dunlop Tortex Regulat picks

What guitar did Jimi Page mostly use.?

les paul

How do you use the past participle become in a sentence?

I just started studying participles and participial phrases so my answer might be a little off track, but i believe that you could say something to the lines of, "Ever since Jimmy Page had started playing guitar, he has become quite the guitar master" !

Is it ok to play with no pick when playing guitar?

Yes and No it depends on what song you are playing. some songs don't use picks

How did jimmy page become so thin?

I Recall Reading That Jimmy Page Had Become Addicted To Heroin During His Time In Led Zeppelin, & Allegedly Page's Thin Appearance Was Due To His Drug Use.