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airsoft pistols thats what i started out with then i got shotguns and rifles

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Q: What gun should you use if you are an airsoft rookie?
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Can the police shoot you for having a airsoft gun?

If you use airsoft gun in public place or pretend it's a real gun - yes, you can be shoot. Do not use airsoft guns in public places!

Can you use all accessories for an airsoft gun?


Can you use metal BBs in an airsoft gun?


Can you use butane in a gas airsoft gun?

No! No! No!

Should you use the airsoft pellets in the box or not?

99% of the time, the bb's that come in a box with an airsoft gun are crap and should not be used in your gun. That shouldn't be too big of an inconvenience considering they only come with like 20 bb's.

Can you use bb gun bbs in a airsoft gun?

No it's not designed to do it.

What charger should I use for a Ak47 airsoft gun?

It depends what model battery. Use only the recommended voltages and amperages.

Is an airsoft gun or a paintball gun better for fighting with?

Paintball gun. You can see where you hit your target. I disagree, if you are looking for a more realistic looking weopon then use an airsoft gun

Are airsoft gun illegal in illnoise?

The state of Illinois does not allow you to use and handle airsoft guns publicly. However, you may still own, sell, or buy an airsoft gun.

What is the best airsoft gun to use?

Definitely Nerf.

Can you use bb's in an airsoft gun?

No, you cannot. Do not attempt this.

Can you use metal bbs in an electric airsoft gun?