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the bandits

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Papa had been warned about the possibility of a strike by the workers on the ranch due to unfair treatment and unsafe working conditions. He was cautioned that the situation could escalate and affect their livelihood.

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the bandits

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Q: What had papa been warned about in Esperanza Rising?
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Esperanza Rising-What had Papa been warned about?

please answer by 9/26/11

What piece of papas clothing do his brothers bring home The book esperanza rising?

Papa's brothers bring home his serape, which is a traditional Mexican shawl, in the book "Esperanza Rising." The serape becomes a symbol of Papa and his homeland for Esperanza and her family.

How did papa reward miguel for protecting esperanza in Esperanza Rising?

Papa rewarded Miguel by giving him a new colt for protecting Esperanza during the attempted robbery. This gift symbolized Papa's gratitude and recognition of Miguel's bravery and loyalty towards Esperanza and the family.

Why had papa been warned about going out to work the cattle esperansa rising?

Because he many people didn’t like him

Who takes over papa's study in Esperanza rising?

Her uncles and john Jerez

What was not damaged by the fire in Esperanza rising?

The doll that Abuelita gave to Isabel, the gold medallion that Papa gave to Esperanza, and the harmonica that Papa brought from San Diego were not damaged by the fire in Esperanza Rising. These items held sentimental value for the characters and symbolized their memories and connections to their past.

What does senor Rodriguez bring to the ranch after the day papa dies esperanza rising?


why did mama faint in Esperanza rising?

T**hey have Papa's body in the back of the wagon.**

What is esperanzas papas name in Esperanza Rising?

Sixto Ortega

When did papa died in Esperanza Rising?

Papa dies in the novel "Esperanza Rising" in the first chapter, which takes place within the first few pages of the book. His death sets the stage for the rest of the story.

When did the dad die in the book Esperanza Rising?

The dad in Esperanza Rising died at the beginning of the book, in Part One. His death sets off the chain of events that lead to Esperanza and her mother immigrating to the United States.

Why doesnt mama inherit papa's land upon his death in Esperanza Rising?

In "Esperanza Rising," Mama does not inherit Papa's land upon his death because it is against the laws in Mexico. Instead, the land goes to Tío Luis, Papa's stepbrother, due to the traditional customs and laws of inheritance. Mama and Esperanza are left with no choice but to leave the land and seek a new life in the United States.