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One or the other.

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What hand do you use when serving?

Whichever is your strongest hand, or the hand you write with

What hand does Ashley Tisdale use to write?

Ashley Tisdale uses her left hand to write with.

What hand does pink use to write?

Pink - Alecia Beth Moore - uses her left hand to write with.

Which hand does Adam Lambert use to write?

He writes with his right hand.

How do you write a letter requesting p45?

use your hand

What hand does Emma Watson use to write?

Her right :)

What hand does John Grimes use to write?

john writs with his left hand (b)

How do you spell Dane Sanzenbaker?

Dane Sanzenbacher Why not use google as spell check? I just did.

What hand does lebron James use to write with?

He writes and eats food with left hand but shoots basketball with right hand.

What hand does the Gosselin kids write with?

they all use their right hand except mady she uses her left

How do you say good afternoon in sign language?

The hand that you write with is that hand that use to sign this and the hand that you dont write with is the one that you will create a horizen with, First place your active hand (the hand you write with) up to your chin, with the tip of your middle finger up to the bottom of your lip, then use the base hand (the hand you dont write with) to create a horizen by puting it parrelle to the ground, Take your active hand that is still on your chinand slowly bring it down, turn it over and touch your wrists together, tap with the active hand twice and you have completed that sign.

What hand do you use in bull riding?

You use whichever hand is stronger and more comfortable for you to use. ---- I was told, if you write with your right hand, you use your left hand to grip the bull rope. You have a lot more balance and control by using your right hand balancing and visa versa.

How do you write a yawning sound?

In texting or IM, you may write *yawns* or use a "sleepy face" if at hand.

How long does it take to learn how to write with your left hand?

If you use only your left hand to write with for approx. 6 months you will be well on your way! PRACTICE, YOU'LL BE SURPRISED AT WHAT YOU CAN DO

How do you write a short article on oceanography and hydrology?

use your hand to write the article <-------- U are sooooo rite man

If a child is four and hasn't decided what hand to write with should you encourage one?

I would encourage a hand that the child has already used to do things with. Which ever hand that child has begun catching with or eating with is the hand that it would generally use to write with.

What is it called when you write with your right hand but play sports with your left hand?

It means you are ambidextrous which is where you use both of your hands equally well. Including me, I write with my right hand and throw a football and shoot a basketball with my left.

What hand does Jesse McCartney use to write?

he is a righty ♥♥♥

How do you determine if someone is right or left handed without asking them?

For most people, the hand they write with is the hand that they use the most. So, if someone is left-handed, they probably write using their left hand. Similarly, they'd use their right hand to write if they are right-handed. The only real exceptions to this are people who are 'ambidextrous. These people can use either their left or their right hands and do not necessarily have a preference. But that's quite rare, to be honest.

How do you write a the following sentence correct give me your hand she said?

"Give me your hand," she said. This is dialogue and must use quotes.

What are examples of hand-eye coordination?

An example of hand-eye coordination are writing because you see where you're supposed to be writing and use your hand to write it

Which hand does Shane dawson use?

like, to write with? i believe he's right handed.

Does Emma Watson use her left hand to write?

No she doesn't. Instead, she is right-handed.

What can happen if a left handed person is forced to write with their right hand?

the same thing when a right handed person is forced to write with their left hand!! try it humpty dumpty....if you want your child to learn to write with his right hand, you can encourage him to do so slowly and he will eventully use his right hand but better to teach them at a very young age!!

Why Some peoples write with right hand and some peoples write with left hand?

It is just how they are born. Some people force them self or practice to use both hands to write. It's the way the brain is wired left handed people use the right side of the brain while right handed people use left side of brain.

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