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The seventh one on the eastern side.

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J.K. Rowling is left-handed.

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She writes with her right hand.

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Q: What hand does J.K. Rowling write with?
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JK Rowling email?

JK Rowling reports that she is not a pro with the computer, so she only uses it to write books on. JK Rowling does not have an email

What was JK Rowling's inspiration to write?

J.K. Rowling's insparation to write was her school and her child hood.

What time of year does JK Rowling write her books?

Any time she can.

Who is JK Rowling parents?

JK Rowling's parents are Peter Rowling and Anne Rowling.

Is JK Rowling going to write another book?

She has no intention of doing so.

What secondary school did jk Rowling?

JK Rowling attended Wyedean School and College.

Where did JK Rowling write Harry Potter five?

She probably wrote it in England because that is where she lives.

Where is the kensington house of JK Rowling?

The Kensington house of JK Rowling is located in London, England.

What is something JK Rowling liked form her childhood?

She really liked to read and write. She even wrote a (not published or chapter) picture book when she was small. Hand drawn if I remember correctly...

What doe s jk Rowling do?

JK Rowling is an author. She is the author of the Harry Potter series of books.

What did JK Rowling do other than write Harry Potter?

She has a baby and is coming out with a new series soon.

What kind of setting does JK Rowling write in?

She writes in cafes, hotels, or anywhere that's quiet where she can concentrate.