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A physical change is the melting wax. A chemical change is the burning wick and wax. Remeber, the wax will melt before it burns.

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How is a burning candle both physical and chemical changes?

Melting of candle is a physical change.Burning of candle is a chemical change.

One physical change and one chemical change that occur when a candle burns?

There are multiple physical changes and chemical changes that occur when a candle burns. One physical change is that the candle melts back into liquid wax. One chemical change is flame burning on the wick.

What are the steps to prove that a burning of a candle is physical as well as a chemical change?

1. Melting of the candle is a physical change. 2. Burning and thermal decomposition are chemical changes.

Is it physical or chemical change a candle wax falls on the ground and cools?

Cooling, and changing from a liquid to a solid are physical changes, not chemical changes. The chemical composition of the paraffin does not change.

Is a melting candle a chemical or physical property?

A melting candle is a physical change A burning one is a chemical

What are the physical changes when a candle is burning?

The melting of the candle.

Is candle melting physical or chemical?


Is the burning of a candle a physical or a chemical change?

Chemical change. A physical change can be undone. There is no way to "unburn" a candle.

What chemical and physical change you see when you burn a wax candle?

when wax of the candle burns it is a physical change but when wick of the candle burns it is a chemical chang

What is the physical and chemical change that occurs when a birthday candle is lit on a cake?

The only physical change is that there is a candle and there isn't afterwards. The chemical change is in the candle burning.

Is burning the candle a physical or chemical property?


What are the starting materials of combustion of a candle?

Combustion of candle wax, heat loss within a system, and physical/chemical changes that occur are a result of energy transformers.

What is the physical change of a candle?

The physical state of a candle changes from the solid state to the liquid state.

Would you say that burning a candle is a physical or chemical change explain?

It is both a physical and chemical change. The burning of the wick s chemical while the candle melting being physical.

What physical and chemical changes occur when a wax candle burn?

When the wax candle burns, the wax which melts can be changed to its solid state on cooling, which is a physical change. The burning of wax releases some gases which cannot be reversible. Hence it is a chemical change.

Does the mass of the ingredient change during physical changes what about chemical changes?

Physical changes are like cutting paper. The mass does not change. Chemical changes do not change total mass either. If you put a candle in a sealed container so that you may measure the total mass of the candle and the air before burning, then light the candle electrically but keep everything sealed, the total mass after burning will still be the same. But if you measure only the candle, then its mass has changed. So the mass of one single 'ingredient' will change during a chemical change.

What are two physical and two chemical changes you see everyday and why is it that type of change and why is it important?

Physical change: 1.) Melting Ice Cream    2.) Sharpening Pencil Chemical Changes: 1.) Rust        2.) Burning Candle

Is burning a candle is physical change or chemical change?


Is a candle lighting chemical or physical change?

It is a chemical change.

What happens to the particles when a candle melts?

There is a chemical and physical. physical :

What kind of changes take place when a candle is lit or burned Explain?

When a candle is burnt a physical AND chemical change takes place. Its a physical change when the wax is being melted because the chemical structure has not change, meaning it cannot be a chemical change. Its also a chemical change because you are burning the string. When you burn something the chemical structure DOES change, meaning it is a chemical change.

What chemical and physical reactions occur when a candle burns?

Chemical =the candle burns Phisycal=the wax melt

List some physical and chemical changes in your house?

physical- cutting something curling your hair making steam freezing something Chemical- burning a candle toasting toast peroxide on a cut.

Is burning a candle a chemical change?

Yes, burning a candle is a chemical change. New chemical compounds are being formed as the reaction continues. The paraffin in the candle is a hydrocarbon chain, and it is "breaking down" chemically using oxygen from the air to form (idealy) carbon dioxide and water. But there are also physical changes that take place at the same time. Phenomena during the candle burning: - melting (physical phenomenon) - evaporation (may be considered a chemical but also a physical phenomenon) - oxydation - reaction with oxygen, burning (chemical phenomenon) - thermal decomposition (chemical phenomenon)

Why burning of a candle is both a physical change and chemical change?

The 'melting' is physical, the 'burning' is chemical.