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Boo Radley sneaks out of his house, and places a blanket around Scout.

Scout and Jem are so caught up in the fact that Miss Maudie's house is on fire, that they don't notice Boo at all.

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Scout was given a blanket to wear by Boo Radley while she was watching the fire at Miss Maudie's. Boo had been secretly watching over Scout and Jem, showing his kindness and concern for their well-being.

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Scout during the fire was watching Atticus and the neighborhood help Miss Maudie and her house. While she was focused on the neighborhood helping out Boo Radley came out and generously put a brown blanket on her to keep her warm. Scout does not realize that he came out until they go back inside and Atticus asks.

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Boo came behind Scout and draped a blanket over her shoulders. Scout didn't notice, but Atticus later tells her what happened.

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Q: What happend to scout while she was watching the fire at miss maudies?
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Who placed a shawl on scout when she was cold while watching miss maudies house burn down?

Boo Radley, a recluse neighbor, placed a shawl around Scout's shoulders when she was standing outside watching Miss Maudie's house burn down in the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee. Boo had been secretly watching over Scout and her brother Jem throughout the story.

In to kill a mockingbird how does scout stay warm while she's watching miss maudies house burn?

Scout is given a blanket by one of the Radley family members, Boo Radley, who drapes it around her shoulders to keep her warm while she watches Miss Maudie's house burn. This gesture shows Boo's kindness and care for the children.

What does scout realize about Jem when he comforts her?

When Atticus asks Scout about the blanket around her shoulders, Jem realises that it was infact Boo Radley that had put the blanket around her shoulders to keep her warm while watching the blazzing fire at Miss Maudies, and that if they hadn't been so ingrossed in the fire, they would have seen Boo.

What incidents before Halloween night give am indication of Boo Radley's interest in and friendliness towards the children?

the gifts in the tree, him saving their lives, the way he mysteriously gave scout a blanket when she was shivering outside while miss maudies shed was on fire.

What did Jem tell Scout to put out on the back porch?

Jem told Scout to put a blanket out on the back porch so they could have a picnic while watching the trial of Tom Robinson.

What happened to Jem and Scout while they stood in front of the Radley?

Boo radley put a blanket over scouts shoulders while they were watching the fire and neither of the kids noticed

What does boo come out to put a blanket on scout's shoulders during the fire?

Scout was watching the fire burn down the house, but she was cold while this happened. So Boo, who isn't as mean and crazy as everyone thinks, put's a blanket on Scout so she stays warm.

What does Scout see in Boo Radley's yard that frightens her?

Scout sees a shadowy figure watching them from Boo Radley's yard while returning home from the pageant, which frightens her. She later discovers that the figure was actually Boo Radley himself, who had been silently looking out for their safety.

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