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Q: What happened in 1988 that made a change for ffa?
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What ffa events happened in 1928 1939 1965 1988 and 1989?

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What year did student leaders change the FFA organizations name?


When was the ffa new horizons name first changed?

In 1988, the delegates voted to change the official name from the Future Farmers of America to the National FFA Organization.

What year did the FFA change its name to National FFA organization?

The future Farmers of America did not suite the organization anymore. the National FFA Foundation adopted 23 years ago encouraged everyone to join. there was much more than farming to offer from leadership to potential the FFA allowed for personal growth

What important milestone happened in FFA 1969?

The FFA organization allowed all women's to be part of the membership.

What 2 major FFA events happened in the 1930 decade?

i need to know. its for my ffa homework. please help

How many words are in the ffa salute?

Some words that can be made with the letters in 'ffa salute' are"aaftalasaleasatatlaseasteatelffafalsefastfatfatalfatefatefulfaultfeastfeatfeltfestfetafetalflatflatusfleafluflueflutefuelfuselalaselastlatelealeafleastleftletlustlutesafesalesaltsalutesatsatesauteseasealseatselfsetslatslateslueslutstaffstalestealstuffsuesulfasuetsulfatetataleteatealususe

What important event happened to nfa in 1965?

in 1965 the NFA joined with FFA

What important event happened in the nfa in 1965?

in 1965 the NFA joined with FFA

What important event happened to the NFA in 1965?

in 1965 the NFA joined with FFA

What does mfe stand for ffa?

Made for excelence

The national ffa emblem is made up of how many symbols?

The National FFA Emblem consists of 5 symbols.