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Q: What happened in Hong Kong during boxer rebellion?
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Why china reclaims Hong Kong for death on Princess Diana?

The death of Princess Diana had nothing to do with Hong Kong's reversion to China. The British demanded a 99 year lease as reparations for the Boxer Rebellion and the lease expired.

What was one of the results from the Boxer Rebellion?

The Boxers attacked Western-owned factories The Boxers attacked churches and railroads. The Boxers wanted to end Western influence.

When was the Battle of Hong Kong?

The Battle of Hong Kong took place during the Pacific campaign of World War II. It began on December 8 1941 and ended on Christmas Day with Hong Kong, then a British colony, surrendering to the control of Imperial Japan.

What happened to jin the rapper?

went to hong kong

When did Hong Kong acid attacks happen?

Hong Kong acid attacks happened on 2013-12-08.

When did Operation Hong Kil Dong happen?

Operation Hong Kil Dong happened on 1967-08-26.

What happened to Sang Hong-zhen in the red scarf girl?

Sang Hong-zhen was denounced and humiliated during the Cultural Revolution as part of the campaign to root out her bourgeois family background. She eventually committed suicide after enduring intense pressure and suffering.

What happened in Hong Kong in 1999?

britsh eat pizza

When was the South Korean kick boxer Hong Man Choi born?

Choi Hong-man was born on October 30 1980. He was a ssireum wrestler and martial artist as well as an accomplished kickboxer. His nickname was the Korean Colossus.

What happened in Hong Kong in 1941?

Japan attacked Hong Kong on 8 December, 1941. The battle ended on Christmas day.

How is boxer rebellion similar to sepoy mutiny?

The Taiping Rebellion -(1850-64), radical political and religious upheaval during the latter part of the Qing dynasty (1644-1911/12). Hong Xiaquan declared a new dynasty, with himself as a heavenly king (as Jesus' younger brother) in 1851. The Qing dynasty never regained full power and both the Chinese Communists and Nationalists see themselves as descendants of this movement.The Boxer Rebellion - against imperialism and Christian influences towards the end of the Qing Dynasty between 1899 and 1901. The Eight Powers (Japan, Russia, British Empire, France, U.S., Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary) intervened on a humanitarian basis to defeat the Boxers.

When did Opposition to the Guangzhou-Hong Kong Express Rail Link happen?

Opposition to the Guangzhou-Hong Kong Express Rail Link happened in 2009.