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Well Hitler and the Nazis didnt like Jews so they put them in the gas chamber , (told them they were having a shower )and made them get undressed. Then the Nazis released the gas and they all got killed.

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When and where did the gas chamber happen?

The gas chamber was not an event.

What happened when you went in the gas chamber?

you would get to see where people died 68 years ago

What were a creamatorium and a gas chamber?

a crematorium was a place where people were cremated. A gas chamber was a chamber where people were gassed.

What is used to hold gas?

a gas chamber or a air tight seal if you cant get your hands on a chamber

How did Hana Brady die?

Well it is possible that hana escaped the gas chamber. changed her name so the Nazi's wouldn't recenize her. But that is probably not true so she really died in the gas chamber.

Was mustard gas used in U.S.M.C.boot camp gas chamber in 1973?

was Mustard gas used in U.S.M.C. boot camp gas chamber in 1973

What happened to Anne Frank during the World War 2?

she was put in a gas chamber 2 weeks before the camp was liberated

How does the gas chamber work?

Its when Hitler and his partners would put the Jews in a chamber, lock it, and fill it up with gas.

When you release a gas in a vacuum chamber does it immediately drop to the floor?

When you release a gas in a vacuum chamber, it immediately drops to the floor because of its density. _______________________________________________________ I expect that the gas will expand to fill the whole volume of the vacuum chamber.

What happened in concentration camps?

Jews were held captive by Adolph Hitler. He let them starve, killed them and even put them in the Gas Chamber. ( A room they thought was the shower, filled with poison gas )

Is gas chamber still used in the US?

Apparently, some states do still use the gas chamber. The the related link.

Was Hitler's son accidentally killed in the gas chamber in the concentration camp?

No, Hitler's son was not accidently killed in a gas chamber.

How many people could a gas chamber hold up to?

the largest gas chamber could hold up to 2000 people.

How long did it take for Jews to die in the gas chamber?

It took some people in the Gas Chamber 15-20 minutes to die.

What were a crematorium and gas chamber?

Isn't this what dictionaries are for?Crematorium: a place where dead bodies are burned.Gas chamber: an airtight room that can be filled with poisonous gas to perform executions.

How many Jews were put in a gas chamber at a time?

Thousands of jews were killed in gas chambers using Zyklon-B gas. Hundreds of them were put in there it all depends on the size of the gas chamber

What are 2 important properties of the gas used in the chamber of a Geiger counter?

What are 2 important properties of the gas used in the chamber of a Geiger counter

What are the release dates for 2 on the Town - 1982 Gas Chamber?

2 on the Town - 1982 Gas Chamber was released on: USA: 1982

Where was Hitler's gas chamber located?

Hitler had more than one gas chamber. The Nazis had gas chambers at Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec, and Auschwitz. They also used poison gas to kill people in hospitals.

What happened at the camps in the Holocaust?

at the camps during the holocaust they were tortured.yes they were tortured but they were beaten very brutally every man and women had to shave their head and were little clothing for the men they gave them potato sack bags to wear and for the women the same but they us ally gave them striped outfits but when they had to go into the gas chamber they had to take all of their clothes off now what the gas chamber is they poor gas and lite it like a huge oven. they could fit about 500 people in one gas chamber.

What type of gas is used in gas chambers?

well they dont actually use a sepific type of gas for the gas chambers. they put acid then put cyanide in the gas chamber. this will create a chemical reaction and hydrogen cyanide gas is made, which slowly kills the victim in the gas chamber.

Witch gas chamber did Hana Brady die in?

hana brady died in the concentration camp called lushwatzziz the gas chamber name was called the ulfintazic.

Where is the gas chamber located in the respiratory system?

If you are using "gas chamber" as a crude term for the Lungs, then the Lungs are located in the chest cavity for Humans and other Mammals

How many Jews were put in to one gas chamber?

That would depend upon which gas chamber, they were not all the same size. The largest could hold 2000.

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