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What happened in the 30's?



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As with any decade, many things happened in the 30s (assuming the reference is to the 1930s). Economics dominated the 1930's (Great Depression ), radio reached what many consider its zenith, and many looked to the future for hope. Although industrial research suffered due to lack of funding inventions of the 1930s pursued. 1930s - Scotch Tape (Richard G Drew), Frozed Food process (Clarence Birdseye), Neoprene (Wallace Carothers & Dupont laboratories), Jet engines (Frank Whittle & Dr. Hans Von Ohain), Stop Action photogracy (Harold Edgerton), electronic microscope (Max Knott & Ernst Ruska), Polaroid made its debut (1932), Drive in movie theater (Richard M Holliongshead), the 1st tape recorder for broadcasting was invented by Joseph Begun (1934), canned beer, radar (Robert Watson-Watt), Colt Revolver was patented (Samuel Colt, 1936), Ballpoint pen (Ladislo Biro), Teflon (Roy J Plunkett, known as tetrafluoroethylene polymers), freeze dried coffee, the 1st successful helicopter was invented by Igor Sikorsky (1939) and the electronic microscope was also invented.