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  • Melting water from the Himalayas was adding water to both The
    River Ganges and The River Brahmaputra.
  • From July and onwards the seasonal monsoon rains were exceptionally high.
  • More than half of Bangladesh is 5m-or less- above sea level.
  • The country lies across a huge river delta. The delta contains many distributaries of the rivers Ganges and Brahmaputra which
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Bangladeshi <once again died- the vitims>, ruined the economy, poverty

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Q: What happened in the Bangladesh flood 1998?
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Bangladesh Flood in 1998 &amp; 2004

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2.04 million tons of rice were destroyed.

How many people died in the Bangladesh flood in 1988?

2,379 were dead in the 1998 flood. (Bangladesh)

How are flood shelters made in Bangladesh?

5,000 flood shelters were made in Bangladesh

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