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Q: What happened in ww1 that might explain appeasement?
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Appeasement a cause of World War II?

Appeasement will forever be associated with British Conservative Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. In signing the Munich aggreement he appeals to Hitlers 'better nature'. Put simply Hitler didn't have a better nature. Appeasement is a vain attempt to avoid a repitition of WW1 in Europe.

Why did France and Britain use the practice of appeasement after WW1?

The short and simple answer is that those countries were tired of, and still recovering from, WWI and tried to avoid further confrontations.

What happened during ww1?

People got evacuated

What happened at night time in ww1?

they whad sleep

What happened if WW1 soldiers ran out of ammo?

They replenished it.

What historical events happened in Austria?

An asassination leading to WW1?

What happened to ten mirfield soldiers from ww1?

they turned into camels

What happened to a soldier in ww1 if they had diarrhea?

They would poo on your face

What happened to the sells of photographs in ww1?

increased dramatically the photo boom

What happened to the yate in World War 1?

who died in ww1 from yate

How did Hitler respond to French and British appeasement?

he responded by asking for more and more. he broke the agreements made as a result of Germany apparently starting WW1. He was given land such as the Sudetenland through appeasement which caused him to undermine the power of Britain and France. he became more powerful and confident with each successful demand, and this is one of the caused of WW2.

What happened between 1914 and 1918?

Hmm Let Me Think... Oh Maybe WW1!!! Yeah Thats Right The Great War!!! WW1!!!