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What happened to Coastal States Life Insurance Company out of Atlanta GA?


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January 30, 2008 8:15PM

It seems that Coastal States Life Insurance company was sold somewhere around 1992 and thses policies were sold to 5 different companies. What I found after calling the Insurance Commissioner of Georgia was that it was up to me to call these companies to find out which one actually had my family member's policy. You have to provide the policy number and name. I will post the results of my find on here after I get finished investigating. Here are the numbers I was given: Unified Life Insurance - 800-237-4463 Monumental Life Insurance - 800-638-3080 America Group - 800-331-1494 AIG - 800-445-7862 (another) Monumental Life Insurance - 800-444-5431 If none of these numbers works out then call Mike Marchman at Georgia Guarantee - 770-492-3420.