What happened to Helen Burger Miller wife of band leader Glenn Miller?

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What happened to Helen Burger Miller the wife of band leader Glenn Miller?

For the first few years after Glenn's disappearance she was actively involved in the corporations he had set up, primarily Glenn Miller Productions, and in working with his estate to re-launch the orchestra under the direction of lead saxophonist and vocalist Tex Beneke. She was also faced with r ( Full Answer )

What happened to the adopted children of Glenn Miller and Helen Burger Miller?

When they were younger, son Steve Miller became a gunsmith and daughter Jonnie Dee Miller raised her own children. Neither had much involvement with their father's music at the time; among other reasons neither one had any memories nor did they have any musical talent. In recent years, they have rec ( Full Answer )

Who was Glenn Miller?

Alton Glenn Miller ranks as the most popular musician of the first half of the 20th century. He was arguably the first pop music "superstar": in terms of the number of top-10 recordings sold and recordings sold as a percentage of the entire market, his career still outranks even the Beatles and El ( Full Answer )

How many people are in the Glenn Miller Band?

Currently there are 16 or 17 musicians. The original civilian band had a similar number of performers but also included 5 vocalists. The Army Air Force Orchestra included between 40 and 45 musicians depending on the date and location.

Would you have a photo of Helen Miller wife of bandleader Glenn Miller?

The family maintained a strict sense of privacy so there are very few public photos available. If you're able to find a copy of George T. Simon's biography "Glenn Miller and his Orchestra", it has a few early pictures of Helen and the children, as well as one of Helen taken after the war.

How many members of the original Glenn Miller Band are still living?

It's now almost 66 years since Glenn Miller last appeared in front of his original orchestra, so very few of the original members are still living. To the best of my knowledge only Paul Tanner, Ray Anthony, and Trigger Alpert are still with us. From the AAF Orchestra, only arranger Norman Leyden ( Full Answer )

Did Glenn Miller have siblings?

Yes, 2 brothers and a sister. Deane was a dentist and Herb was alsoa musician, although not nearly so successful. His sister was namedIrene.

Where is Glenn Miller Buried?

His plane disappeared on a flight from London to Paris on December 15, 1944. Officially, no trace of the plane or his body was ever found.

What city and country was glenn miller s band originally from?

His bands were formed in the United States. Most of his recordings with the civilian band were made in New York, Chicago, and Hollywood. Recordings with the AAF band were made at Yale University, in New York, and later in London.

Is Steve Miller of the Steve Miller band Glenn Millers son?

That would have been interesting, but the answer is unfortunately no. The Steve Miller who is Glenn's son was adopted when Glenn was in the AAF, so he had no real contact with his father and had no musical inheritance*. At one point he was employed as a gunsmith. (*) The musical genes run stro ( Full Answer )

How much is glenn miller band vinyl worth?

There have been thousands of vinyl re-issues of the original 78-rpm records. Please post a new question with the album title, company stock number (e.g. an RCA release might have LPT or LPS followed by a 4-digit number) and an evaluation of how worn it is. ********************* That's really the ( Full Answer )

Why was Glenn Miller famous?

He was an advanced composer and leader of a Big band jazz Band and this not being the only thing he played an important part in the military. If he wasn't the only one there were few who overcame the challenge of these two things.

Where is Zeke Zarchy trumpeter for Glenn Miller orchestra buried or What Happened to him after Millers death?

Zeke Zarchy passed away on April 12, 2009. Miller's plane was lost during World War II but his band was not on it with him. Zeke was the last band member to see Miller alive, having talked with him at the airfield just before takeoff. Glenn Miller's band did not die with him. Zeke settled in Souther ( Full Answer )

What did Glenn Miller do for Ray Anthony?

Ray Anthony's tenure with Glenn Miller was short and not very sweet. He was about 17 when he joined the trumpet section, and despite a good audition that won him the position his actual performances were very shaky. He left the band after a short period of time. As he matured and became a better ( Full Answer )

Did Glenn Miller have children?

He had 2 adopted children. His wife Helen was ill and had a hysterectomy shortly after they were married.

Who were the members of the original Glenn Miller band?

As was true of all dance bands in the Swing era, musicians tended to move from one orchestra to another fairly often so it's not really possible to give a list of personnel except at a specific point in time. However, some of the most important musicians to play with the original civilian band inclu ( Full Answer )

Female singer with Glenn miller?

The singer most associated with the civilian band was of course Marion Hutton, one of the famous Hutton Sisters. Hutton tended to sing the up-tempo and novelty tunes. Also, Paula Kelly later joined the Modernaires and contributed a number of vocals. A few other female singers such as Kay Starr an ( Full Answer )

Was the music Glenn Miller play big band jazz or what?

His orchestra was by far the most popular big band of the 1930s and 1940s, although critics have argued for decades over whether it was the most "musical". It was actually more of a pop orchestra than a jazz band in many respects, compared for example to Duke Ellington's or Benny Goodman's bands tha ( Full Answer )

When was glenn miller famous?

Glenn Miller was popular from the late '30s right up till his disapperance during the second world war (December 15, 1944)

Did Glenn Miller sing in the war?

He wasn't a singer. He played trombone and conducted. During the war he led the Army Air Forces Orchestra, which had about 1000 different songs in the bandbook. You can use a search engine to find many of the tunes simply by querying "Army Air Force Band", with the quotation marks. Songs to loo ( Full Answer )

Who sang At Last with the Glenn Miller Band?

The vocalists in the movie Orchestra Wives were Ray Eberle and Pat Friday. Pat Friday was not credited because she was not an actor, but provided the singing voice for costar Lynn Bari. When the song was released on record, only Ray Eberle sang.

What instruments did Glenn Miller have in his band?

Instrumentation varied over time, but the "classic" civilian band consisted of: 4 trombones + Miller himself 4 trumpets 5 reeds drums piano bass The AAF Band was composed of a larger incarnation of the civilian band, with one more piece in each of the wind sections along with: 14 or 15 violins 4 ( Full Answer )

Where can you find a photo of Helen Burger Miller?

This is the Berger family tree. It has pictures of Helen as a baby as well as her and her grandchildren before her death. Also pictures of her parents and extended family. Please refer to the related link for the picture.

What song did Glenn Miller arrange for his wife because it was her favorite?

That story is entirely made-up. The 1954 biopic The Glenn Miller Story included a fictional sub-plot about Helen liking the tune Little Brown Jug while Miller supposedly disliked it. The movie ended with him having relented just before his death in 1944, and making an arrangement of the song for ( Full Answer )

Who conducts the Glenn Miller Orchestra?

The orchestra is currently led by vocalist Nick Hilscher. His predecessor was trombonist Gary Tole. The longest-serving conductor, Larry O'Brien, began his career with Ray McKinley and thus had only one "degree of separation" from Glenn Miller himself. Previous conductors were Tex Beneke (immedia ( Full Answer )

Who was Ray with the Glenn miller orchestra?

There were three Rays - Ray Eberle, Ray McKinley, and Ray Anthony Ray Eberle was the male vocalist with the civilian band from 1938 to 1942. Glenn had somehow become convinced that Ray was more talented than he actually was, and stood by him despite many forced and less-than-stellar performances. ( Full Answer )

Where did Glenn Miller being singing?

Glenn Miller was a trombonist and conductor, not a singer. His only 2 recorded "vocals" are a slightly R-rated line in the Tommy Dorsey novelty tune "Annie's Cousin Fanny" and a sing-speak line in the movie soundtrack version of "It Happened in Sun Valley".

Who were the drummers in the Glenn Miller band?

I am from Australia and a friend of mine, Surname goodwin, claims his uncle played Drums in the Glenn Miller Band. Can anybody confirm ?. Drummers were Maurice Purtill, Ray McKinley, Frank Ippolito Ray and Frank were drummers in Glenn's AAF band during the war

Who was the arranger for Glenn Miller Air Force Band?

The Air Force Band had a number of arrangers. Some of the most important were Jerry Gray, who came over from the civilian band Norman Leyden, a classically-trained arranger and conductor Perry Burgett Ralph Wilkinson Harry Katzman, who arranged for the string section when it played as a s ( Full Answer )

What songs did Glenn Miller play?

A full discography lists well over a thousand songs. Just a few of the most well-known include Civilian band: Moonlight Serenade (the band's theme) In the Mood String of Pearls At Last Sun Valley Jump Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree Pennsylvania 6-5000 Little Brown Jug Serenade ( Full Answer )

Who were the pianists in the Glenn Miller band?

Howard Smith briefly played piano in the 1937 band. He was replaced in mid-year by Chalmers "Chummy" MacGregor who remained with the band until it broke up in September, 1942. The Air Force Band featured pianist Mel Powell, drafted from Benny Goodman's orchestra.

Why did glenn miller become famous?

What a stupid question! Just listen to the music his band played. OMG I can't believe you asked that question.

What is the big band hit popularized by Glenn Miller?

Actually the question should be "what are the hit s " because Miller had dozens of top tunes to his credit. To list just a few: In the Mood - perhaps the most famous song of the swing era Moonlight Serenade - his theme song Little Brown Jug String of Pearls Serenade in Blue Pennsylvan ( Full Answer )

Who was the handicapped Glenn Miller band drummer?

There was never a handicapped drummer in Glenn Miller's band. You may be thinking of Chick Webb. Childhood TB left Webb with a shortened and deformed spine, yet he was able to became one of the greatest drummers of the Swing Era despite his disabilities.

What bands did Glenn Miller play in?

Before forming his own band he a member of orchestras led by BoydSenter, the Dorsey Brothers, Gil Rodin, Ben Pollack, Red Nichols,and Ray Noble.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Glenn Miller Band Reunion - 1989?

The cast of The Glenn Miller Band Reunion - 1989 includes: Perry Hart as Himself - Featured Vocalist Katheryne High as Herself - Featured Vocalist Jack Jones as Himself - Host Billy May as Himself - Conductor Ray McKinley as Himself - Featured Vocalist Kay Starr as Herself - Host Paul Tanner as hims ( Full Answer )