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What happened to Jeff Gaylord ex and professional wrestler?

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He was just arrested in Colorado for a string of bank robberies.

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When was Jeff Gaylord born?

Jeff Gaylord was born on 1958-10-15.

What is Jeff hardys religion?

Jeff Hardy is a former professional wrestler in the WWE. His religion is thought to be Christian. He is from North Carolina.

Is Jeff hardy a great wrestler?

Jeff Hardy is an American professional wrestler associated with WWE. He has won a total of 22 championships so far, including one WWE Championship.

When was Jeff Farmer - wrestler - born?

Jeff Farmer - wrestler - was born on 1962-08-14.

Who is the best wrestler 2008?

Jeff hardy is the best because alot has happened to him and yet he still comes back now that's a true wrestler and that's what makes him the best.....

Why did Jeff hardy get fired?

Jeff is the best wrestler ever

Who is Jeff hill?

A Famous wrestler.

Was Jeff hardy a wrestler?


Was jeff harty dad a wrestler?


Who is the Yougest WWE wrestler?

At 16 Jeff Hardy was the youngest wrestler ever in the wwe

Who is the best wrestler john cena or jeff hardy?

Accomplishments & Achievements in professional wrestling wise, John Cena is a better wrestler than Jeff Hardy. Cena is a 10 time WWE champion and a two time World Heavyweight Champ. Jeff Hardy is a 1 time WWE champ and a two time World Heavyweight Champ.

Who is Jeff jarret?

Tna founder and wrestler.

Was Jeff hardy the youngest pro wrestler?


Who is the best wrestler 2007?

Jeff Hardy

Who was the first TNA wrestler?

Jeff jarret

Is jeff Hardy's dad called gilbert Nero hardy?

Professional wrestler Jeff Hardy's dad's name is Gilbert Hardy. Jeff's mother, Ruby Moore Hardy, passed away when he was very young.

Jeff hardy is the best WWE wrestler ever?

no the best wrestler ever is bret hart

Is Jeff hardy a actor?

No. Jeff Hardy is not an Actor. He has made occasional appearances in talk shows on TV but hasn't tried acting. Jeff Hardy is a professional wrestler. He is best known for his time in the WWE where he was a multiple time champion. Right now Jeff is wrestling with TNA Wrestling promotion.

Is Jeff hardy heel?

Yes, Jeff Hardy is a heel wrestler in TNA ... idkk why, but he is .

Can Jeff hardy be my manager in the WWE?

No. He is a wrestler not a manager.

Where does Jeff hardy the wrestler live?

Cameron nc

When was Jeff hardy the wrestler born?

August 31,1977

Who is the worlds best WWE wrestler?

jeff hardy

Where is wrestler Jeff hardy from?

Cameron, North Carolina

Did Jeff hardy play sports?

he's a wrestler

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