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Nothing really she's gone on to pursue other things in her life.

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Q: What happened to Lisa from the saddle club season 1?
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Which saddle club girl is the oldest?

Lisa Atwood is the oldest, although she is newest to the Saddle Club.

Who owns pach of saddle club?


How old is Lisa in the saddle club?

fourteen :D

What channel will saddle club season three be on in Canada?

The saddle club season three will be on the discovery kids channelstarring now with different cast!

Will there be a 4th Season of The Saddle Club?

No. There is no indication there will be a fourth season.

Is there going to be saddle club series 4?

No, I don't think there is going to be a Saddle Club Season 4.

When will the 3 season of the saddle club be on?

its already on

What is the name of the new Lisa frome Saddle Club?

Ariel Kaplan

Who rides prancer in saddle club?

I think Lisa rides Prancer.

When was the saddle club season 3 made?


Is Lisa The Leader Of The Saddle Club?

No Carole is. Really there was no leader of the Saddle Club because it wasn't formed by one but the three main characters Carole, Stevie, and Lisa formed it so really all three of them are leaders of it.

What are the other names in saddle club?

stevie lisa carol veronica phill mellianey ashely raffaell max red miss reg jess season 3