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She was in the opening credits in seasons 1-3, and in season 4 whenever she appeared in that episode. Rachel didn't make one apperance in season 5 and they don't mention her at all. Then out of the blue, she comes back in season 6. They never acted like she left, she simply came down the stairs in an episode. After the season 6 episode where they go to Disney World she's gone again. She'll make one final appearance in season 9 before Richie, Mother Winslow, Harriet (played by JoMarie Payton that is) and herself dissapeared forever. She was said to be living with her sick Aunt Helen. Meanwhile in the show's fourth season, Telma Hopkins got her own ABC sitcom "Getting By" since it was the same network she was still able to be a part of "Family Matters". ABC dropped the show after it's first season but another network picked it up. Telma Hopkins left "Family Matters" for the whole season. Then "Getting By" was permanantly cancelled and she came back for a few episodes in season 6. Then she just left, they probabally thought that they didn't need her. In one seventh season episode, Carl mentions that Rachel still lives with them. So basically she just left the show.

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