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What happened to Vince McMahn?

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βˆ™ 2009-02-23 21:20:40

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Nothing, he is backstage at all tapings as usual

2009-02-23 21:20:40
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Q: What happened to Vince McMahn?
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Does hulk hogan love Vince McMahn?

no there kinda friends

When did Voodoo Vince happen?

Voodoo Vince happened in 2003.

What happen between hulk hogan and vince mcmahn?

i believe that tna and wwe will have a war and wwe will start another attitude era with more swearing, more hardcore wrestling and more intense storylines

Will john cena return at royal rumble 2011 after beibg fired at survivor series 2010?

i bet he will cus he's the highest one in the wwe and will return once vince mcmahn gets out of his coma.

What happened to vince McMahon in the car bomb on monday night raw?

Chris Benoit happened.

Does Vince McMahon still wrestle?

No because of what happened to his dad

Is Shane mcmahn going to be ok?

He's fine. He's just retired from being a wrestler.

What happened to vince McMahon?

he is "hurt," but is alive and will eventually return to the wwe

What happened to Kerry Collins?

He was cut from the titan's and replaced by vince young

Who were the 4 celebrities to die in June?

Micheal Jackson, Patrick schwazy, ed mcmahn , farrah faucett

What happened with vince McMahon the macho man?

rumor has it that randy slept with linda

How do you get into smackdown?

to get onto smackdown you must train to become a wrestler then get an interview with vice mcmahn and ask to apply for smackdown

How will the undertaker come back?

he is probaly gonna turn out the lights and triangle choke mr mcmahn until he lets him in.

What happened with vince McMahon and Bret hart at WrestleMania 10?

Bret Hart spit in Vince's eye.

What happened to curt Hawkins?

The Creative Team, Vince McMahon, And The General Manager Have Not Put him in any Matches.

Did Bret hart really punch vince?

I was actually right outside the room when that happened so I can't say that I saw it, but I heard Vince and Bret yelling (Bret was saying something about Vince being a liar) and then heard a "thud" sound. Bret then walked out and about three minutes later Vince crawled out of the room and he had a big welt around his eye.

What has happened to the entire mc mahan family in the WWE wrestling?

Nothing happened to them. Vince still owns WWE and STephanie is Exective Vice President of Creative and Talent Relations

How do you spell Vince in Spanish?

Vince is still Vince, but the Spanish name is Vincente.

Is Vince Flaherty the same Vince in Vince and the Invincebles?

YES! Check out his website at

Did vince McMahon get fired?

No he is the owner of WWE the only person that can fire Vince is Vince

What is the birth name of Vince Valitutti?

Vince Valitutti's birth name is Vince Valitutti.

Use fortuitous in a sentence?

It was strictly fortuitous that Vince found his missing class notes. They happened to drop out of his dictionary when it fell to the floor.

Is Ed McMahon the narrator in daughter of horror?

yes, although some editions refer to the Narrator as Ed is the same Tonight Show "Here's Johnny" McMahon.

What is 'Vince' in Italian?

(he,she) wins

How tall is Vince Gill?

IMBD states Vince Gill is 6' 6" .. Vince is 6'3"