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What happened to the Maya?

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Nobody actually know what happened to the Maya, all we know is...snap...their gone. There are some pretty weird theories. One is that the Mayans were taken by a UFO. That has about a 1 in a million chance that that happened. But there is no evidence against it so it could have happened. Also, the Mayans believed they could turn into an animal - and maybe they just stayed that way?! Also, the Mayans could have just - disappeared! Vanish from existence! None of these are very likely, but there is no evidence against it.

What is more likely, is the Mayans abandoned their cities around 900 CE (Common Era), but no one knows why. There is no evidence of war, or draught, for their items were turned on their side so it wouldn't mess up the top. We are still trying to figure out why.

I hope this answered your question, I am sorry if it did not.

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